"Nothing happens after stepping in the bridge of shadows" bug

Issue Summary:
So i just went 20 mins doing a veteran mission for me to not be able to leave with my rewards, I cant even disband the party because it says iv got a player joining my game… But the game is PRIVATE… Fix the game please, The game has been out how long now and your ported a game to console with issues that are plaguing the PC game? Fix your stuff please.

This issue occurs when someone is trying to connect and I think they time out but your lobby still sees that they are joining and you cant finish games while players are joining or leaving.

I don’t know if you actually played private or not, because this happens often to me and I always play public.

However, I think the console team has acknowledged, because there has been many posts about this before and apparently they are mainly focusing on technical stuff for the next patch.

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