Game crashes that cannot be closed on PC

I understand that a game will crash from time to time, but when darktide crashes, half the time it continues to crash. The game will show as “running” in steam, forcing it to close will cause it to hang at “stopping” or “synchronizing with steam cloud” until you close the steam client entirely, and even THEN it’s possible that the game locks up the OS in permanent waiting state so the mouse cursor has a waiting circle until you force a shutdown manually!

There’s sometimes an “out of memory” warning when this happens so I’m fairly confident that it’s the game allocating memory from somewhere it shouldn’t be but it happens when the game is the only thing running unless you’re grabbing memory already in use by the OS i can’t imagine how it’s happening, let alone crashing the steam client and windows itself. please push this nonsense to the top of the pile.

I created a performance issues post about this, as my game does this when exiting normally. I suspect it is trying to crash and getting stuck in this state (as my game used to just go to the crash flow after exit every time) but otherwise my game runs perfectly fine.

It would be helpful if you could upload a console log from a session where this has occurred, and your darktide_launcher.log please. :slight_smile:

Hello I actually provided some logs with a similar / same issue where steam cannot close the game in the linked message there. I created mine in performance issues, can someone take a look?

@FatsharkJulia can you check my linked post?

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