Game crashes and can't restart

This has happened multiple times, where the game will crash and sometimes it’ll give me an option to send in a bug report, and sometimes it wont. But Steam still thinks the game is running, so it won’t launch again. I’ve tried task killing Steam, sometimes it’ll take multiple tries to finally close out Darktide, but sometimes it wont. The only other solution I can think of is restarting my PC in order to finally close the game completely, then start it back up.

Please, I absolutely love this game, almost got 90 hours in it already. But if anything is going to sap all the fun out and kill the game for me, this is.

I have the same frustrating issue but have a tried and trued approach. After ~40 crashes here’s what I figured out:

  1. Wait for the Darktide crash reason input box to appear and hit Cancel (I used to fill these out until I realised I’d get several a day)
  2. Wait for a terminal (aka cmd prompt) to appear and self-close
  3. Wait for the Darktide error code box to appear and close that
  4. Now you can end task in Task Manager processes
  5. Restart Steam

This is on our radar. Thank you for your report.

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