FS, do you expect us to play lots of characters?

This is a serious question.

  • The RNG store.
  • The weekly grind.
  • The leveling grind.
  • The cosmetics store.
  • Separated character inventories.

These things, and more, seem to be tuned for a person who plays just one character. I fully expect the crafting system to be tuned similarly.

Keeping up with these things on 4 characters is nearly a full time job, as I’m sure many will attest to. And you plan to add tens (20+?) of classes. There is a point at which it will become physically impossible for a person to continually manage the amount of classes that will exist.

Also; According to Steam achievements, only 4.5% of players have two or more characters at L30 and just 0.5% have 4 characters at 30.

So it seems to me that you expect people to pick one or two classes and “main” them. Is that correct?

The reason I ask is that this is a key piece of information about how the game’s systems are designed and tuned.


I expect to play or at least try out lots of characters, if they get released.

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There is no real need of “keeping up” with 4 characters at once.

If you want to play all of them, it’s a good sign, meaning you like the game. But, from my poinnt of view, it’s a good thing, that playing them all needs their time.

You are right, if you want to get your contracts done for all of them in a week (or even for 2 or 3), this needs a lot of attention. But, it’s completely up to you, to choose your goal here. You don’t need to get stressed out with taking care of all of them. Play your Guardsman and keep your Zealot as a “project” you are looking forward to. Don’t rush yourself to Olymp in one month …


the last community update had the term “siloing” when it came to progression - meaning it was the design intent for you to dump time and energy into every character as their own thing, unique from eachother.

Which is so bad it definitely makes it so you don’t want to put in the effort. I have hundreds of hours in VT2 because I could go to different classes and try new things as freely as I’d like - hell, it’s pretty much encouraged. Here, my gut is telling me that since they only had 4 classes, they felt the need to pad the ever living crap out of each one so we would feel that we get our “time’s worth” from playing it.

But it’s achieving the exact opposite. I got my Zealot to 30. After level 20 or so my Ogryn felt like a slog, I got a veteran to 10 and I have 0 desire to do anything else because it’s such an unfun slog.

Compared to VT2, where I had a blast getting all 5 characters to max level, even if I didn’t particularly like some of them as much as others.

It’s night and day how contrived and un-fun it is to play different characters here. It feels like it’s actively discouraged. Like it genuinely is. I’ll also keep repeating this: They say that shared resources across characters is immeasurably complex and not following their design intent, yet at the same time aquillas are shared. Funny how that works.


Weirdly enough, I also noticed that portrait frames are shared across characters. Which then begs the question, why would having a shared inventory pool (for common pool weapons / trinkets), or a shared resource pool be so immeasurably complex?.


I spent 1.5k h playing the elf on VT2 because I couldn’t be asked leveling another character with their stupid system.

Not gonna start wasting 15h now.

It’s worse than immeasurably complex, it’s intended.

Most of the game is like that, actually. It boggles the mind to see just how many bad ideas made it to this point.


I generally agree, and I don’t ask the original question with any negative connotations. I think they have designed things around the average player only playing one character at a time.

I ask because a lot of the frustrations I’m seeing seem to come from there being too much of a thing, whether it’s RNG, grinding, whatever. There’s significantly less of these things if you’re not trying to maintain a whole bunch of characters.

Meh, I didn’t have this issue for myself when I levelled all of mine to 30.

I am not switching between my characters constantly now that I have finished with all of them and instead right now I am simply able to play what I feel like, the upgrades I get from the store are so tiny that I don’t need to make it my second job to just camp the stores and make sure I have everything completed every week. I am doing just fine on Heresy+ right now with my Veteran after having come back to the class, the only issue really for me being that I levelled that one to 30 before Crafting was a thing which means I had 0 mats to work with, but even then, it really wasn’t a huge deal.

I am contributing well enough, one-tapping shooters in the head, able to take out Ragers in a couple of shots, the rest go down to the Power Sword with ease. When I feel like doing something else, I have my 3 other classes with decent equipment to use. Overall, this game made me more inclined to level up all classes as opposed to what was happening with VT where I never only cared to level up Bardin to max. The main problem being that the classes felt so lifeless and grey until you got to max level with all your feats, equipment and class stuff unlocked that I just couldn’t be bothered to go through the grind in that one. The big difference for me obviously here is that the setting fits better with the game for my liking. To me, Fantasy was always all about them big battles, which unfortunately VT never offered. 40k however, now that can be a bit more varied, but that is just me, and Darktide feels really good in terms of both appearance and feedback I get.

But in short, it is easier and more accessible to do the grind in DT than it is in VT if you don’t focus on only getting the most optimised stats on your equipment.

Just chiming in to remind the VT2 level increase to 35, when they moved all the 30th level Talents to the 35th and they expected we leveled our characters again for 5 more levels even if most of them were very well overleveled.

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Levelling up the characters in Vermintide was fun, and the career system made it a bit easier as you could switch between roles depending on who was in your party, have gear ready to go, etc.

While I’ve also been having fun levelling my characters in Darktide (lvl 30 on Psyker and Ogryn, 25 on Zealot and 12/3 on my two Veterans), if a new profession is released and it’s a variant on one of the existing ones but is a separate character to them I can see myself not bothering with it if it isn’t something that really interests me.

Some of the friends I play with would likely pick the character up and want to level them, which would mean we’d be playing on lower difficulties than usual for a while to get them levelled and geared up for the harder stuff, so it would still affect me, versus Vermintide where they’d already be levelled and have access to good gear (or be able to craft a new DLC weapon) to jump into our usual games.

I’d much prefer the career system of Vermintide to each character being completely separate, and I think being able to share trinkets at the very least should be implemented. Weapons will depend on what the full crafting system looks like when we get it.

At least the game allowing multiple characters of the same type in a party means that there’s no debate over who gets to play the new DLC character first :slight_smile:

I see.

Well, for the amount of hours per week I am playing DT atm (12?), I will/can/want to focus on only one of the chars to safely** bring home their contracts and claim that 1000 thingy bonus. … Each player will make up his own calculation there.

** “Safely”, depending on those nerve-hurting Second Objective missions, where you either don’t find the needed mission on the board or the Scriptures/Grims on the map or you have the carrying player KIA on the way.

What the hell, why would you agree with putting barriers to entry to enjoy the game you purchased? This isn’t an MMO, this isn’t Destiny, there should be no reason to “main” a class.

The only thing keeping people from trying other classes is non-shared currency/inventory. I can’t believe people like you think this is a good thing. The game doesn’t have enough content in it to demand “only playing one class”. This isn’t World of Warcraft or even close to it.

WHAT!? Why… would you want… barriers to entry… to enjoying… the video game… you purchased?

I don’t get with this love for being a consumer sycophant now adays. FS isn’t your daddy or your family. Please be a more rational consumer that looks out for your own self interests and not that of “the company”.


I agree with this. I want to feel like I can freely switch between characters. The idea of playing just one forever is a big turnoff.

The game doesn’t really reach its peak (for me) until after Malice. If I have to pick between maintaining one character that can handle Heresy+ or just playing a bunch that can’t handle Heresy+, I’m probably going to just play other games.

IMO the shared inventory is a must.


I honestly don’t understand this complaint - at some point, a character will have a good set of items, and you can switch over to your next character.

That’s if good set of items is your goal, which seems to be the point to this thread.

For me it’s a case of: I like fun, variety and challenge and I get those from switching up my character in actual gameplay. The gear grind is none of these things (especially if DT’s gear grind is as RNG heavy as VT2) and I don’t want to have to do it over and over across many characters to play them at the difficulties which are fun for me.

The point of this thread is to set a frame of reference to use when discussing things like the amount of grinding required for getting useful gear or completing the weekly missions.


I don’t understand, what “barriers” am I agreeing on … and where did I talk about maining a class? I also don’t understand how your comparison to MMOs is coming into this.

I am playing the class(es), that appeal to me at a certain moment. Sometimes, to get the contracts completed, I stick to a class to get the job done, looking at my limited (casual) playtime a week. I can’t level or complete contracts for all classes per week, and that’s ok with me, I am content in taking turns there and are in no rush.

The non-shared currency/inventory, you are talking about, is a new thing (compared to VT for example) and feels inconvenient, but gives me not much of a headache: I understand each “class” as its own person with its own story … and its own inventory. That said, I am glad, that the acquired weapon skins/cosmetics are carrying over (the axe skin I bought with the Zealot could also be used by the Sharpshooter).

Thanks, but I will be the kind of consumer I want to be.

Something seems to vex you, and it has nothing to do with me. FS is neither my daddy nor my family, that’s right (weird of you to bring them in here, though). Still, I am thankful and friendly and respectful in my addressing them or talking back on their product.

I finished my weeklies on four characters, within 4 days ( 40+ hours ). I’m also in the 0.6% ( as of an hour ago ). I quit my job over a year ago, so I fail to see the problem? ( LOL ).


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I suspect this is more to do with separate inventories being a foundation of the game’s progression system design rather than something that’s technically difficult to achieve.

Why they’ve chosen a design that relies on junk like this is beyond me.

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