Frequently, after game ends, mouse sensitivity changed to very slow

Nowadays, whenever I go to Inn after game ends, frequently, my mouse sensitivity is changed to very slow. At same time, if I use alt + tab and go to window wallpapers, my mouse sensitive worked well in window wallpapers. But, in-game, mouse sensitivity was still very very slow.

I thought I changed my mouse dpi from 1600 to 400. But actually I didn’t.

If I quit game and restart game, then mouse sensitivity worked well like what I expected.
Is there any solution for me to fix this?

  • Clue 1 ) Currently I changed Steam from normal mode to Beta mode for good ping.
  • Clue 2) Moreover, I subscribed Friendly Fire Indicator mod too.

I found solution. Don’t use steam beta version. Use steam normal version.

After changing steam option from beta to normal, I never experienced mouse sensitivity issue.
For great ping, I used steam beta. But steam beta makes mouse sensitivity issue.

+) This issue doesn’t occur only to me. I heard my friend also had trouble with mouse sensitivity issue after using steam beta.

I’m using the beta and have been for quite a long time ; and never had mouse sensitivity issues.
I am now wondering though if my input delay after heavy release might be linked to that… :thinking:
I’ll check later today.

This is the second report I’ve seen of this issue this morning - I’ll investigate. Thank you for letting us know.

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