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A new post is out early. Perhaps it’s the extra career-based post, and we’ll get another?

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Man, those last two paragraphs. Still implying that we are are manipulated by the Nameless or Tzeentch and that something horrible will happen.

And Fatshark still teasing about what actually happened at the Citadel of Eternity. Either they torture us for fun or it will be tied to the next map release somehow. Well, on Reddit it was said that some DLC/Patch was planned for Q1 2022 (which most likely is not Sienna 4.0). Maybe we will see it there.


YES! Last one was indeed the career based post. And this one sheds a new light onto the Citadel’s shenanigans. Interesting indeed.

Wow. For the first post of the year, the Shadowlord enters the fray.
Could it be his voice we’ve been hearing? Troubling indeed…

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And if we are to meet him, it won’t be in the Chaos Wastes.
Do you think we could meet him in a new campaign?

To quote Lohner:
He is, to put it mildly, a little bit above our pay grade

As enemy in-game he is out of question. As lore tool? Maybe.


We’ll probably get a part 2 next week

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It’s not, but no compains here!


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