Vermintide Prophecy

I´m going to open a debate on the prophecy of Franz Lohner in Vermintide 1.

After defeating Rasknitt on the final map Lohner says these words:

The first part of the prophecy has been fulfilled, we have Chaos fighting against us, but what about the Undeads?

We have Beastmen in summer, a wonderful surprise, but I still have the doubt about whether the Undeads will reach V2.



I don’t think that any of Vampire counts are willing to fight alongside with rats and chaos worshipers. Undead are not good guys by any means but they are not chaos either. If are going to get the undead it will be as a few separate maps where is no pact-sworn going to be encountered, and bringing up a new faction with an entierly new set of units just for a few maps is a bad idea.

If I have to guess, the “prophecy” is just Lohner explaining the events of the End Times as a whole, not particularly anything we’re going to see in the game.

I don’t think Fatshark was expecting to make a sequel originally, thus they just put the “All the things the heroes just did were for nothing and the world is frukked anyway” at the end of the game.


I can think of a way to add them. As you said, it would be in specific maps, for example, a DLC with 3 - 4 maps only of undead. The important thing is with the arrival of Winds of Magic we could also see them within the maps generated by the Olesya portal.

Being able to have random maps, affected by magic winds and with 4 different types of enemies, would be incredible.

It doesn’t have to be a Vampire Count.

Our friendly neighborhood necromancer, Heinrich Kemmler, has been known to associate with Chaos once or twice, from stealing a Chaos sword, making a pact with the Dark Gods to grant him power in return for freeing a resurrected Khornate Chaos Champion from his tomb, to even outright allying himself with the Ruinous Powers during the End Times.

Whilst I doubt the Kremm-meister himself will show up in the game, the possibility of some other lowlife Necromancer or group of Necromancers throwing in his (their) lot with Chaos is still possible, so Undead showing up as their own enemy type in the maps we already have is not out of the question.

Still, like I said in my own comment, it is doubtful.


Wasnt there quite a few vampire lords that at some point invaded the empire? I think i read about it somewhere and the story in the total war game has something to that effect as well if i recall.

Vampire Counts try to invade the Empire all the time, most notably from 2010 I.C to 2145 I.C, which was the period in time known as the Vampire Wars.

However, the instance of a Vampire Count allying him or herself with the Ruinous Powers are few and far between, mostly something to do with the fact that most Vampire Counts are selfish narcissists that will never bow down, nor even accept the notion, that there’s something more powerful than them. They would rather die (again) than serve someone, or something else.


I don’t really see a problem with adding the Vampire Counts, or a coven of necromancers for that matter, as the leaders of an undead faction.

I agree with those saying that the vampires won’t bend down to Chaos, but neither will they per necessity refuse useful cooperation based on morale principles. I can totally see a new Skaven clan ally with a specific vampire in order to advance their common interests, where a strong Empire stands as the main obsticle to both their ambitions.

The game is after all called “Vermintide” so it stands to reason that the Skaven will be the central bad guys, not Chaos.

What’s this, did someone say Vampires?


She’s actually in Sylvania during the End Times delivering a message to the big bad vampire boy himself, Vlad von Carstein, saying “My time in this world is coming to an end, just as yours is, and I think I would rather meet it in my homeland.”

Which would indicate she’s heading to Bretonnia, and that would put Helmgart right in her path. Would be interesting if they added the undead as a faction to fight against. And would be a cool to get Genevieve as a new character, with those Undead maps acting as her character introduction. A man can dream…

Not to mention, they could then slowly progress south, get some maps or DLCs in Bretonnia. Which is pretty close to Athen Lohren. Maybe finally shed some light on Kerillians past and see how the Tree hippies are doing during the End Times.


I could happily accept a vampire hero in the team if we get a Bretonnian DLC.

i guess they are not, in strict warhammer rooster manner,
but arent the hordes of nurglezpmbies we mulch through tecnically undead.
i mean we got the stupid zombies alreaddy. so the bunch of “hoarding” from any vampire / necro, faction wouldnt be special really, skelletons would end up mostly being a skin for them.

but i´d like too go after some bigger “game” of those factions nontheless.

given, i belive with caos,beasts and skaven we have a load of potential elites and bosses that could come in alreaddy

Yea, I kinda see where your coming from. Zombies won’t be much different than Chaos hordes. Would just be their movements… skeletons would be interesting because of their hit boxes, don’t think ranged will be too effective on them. At the same time, would be pretty awesome to see the fell bats flying over, although I’m not to sure if they can implement air units that easily. Could even make a Vargheist a boss.

It’s not really the horde mobs that people will be excited for. It’s the elites, specials and monsters. Look at beastmen, everyone I’ve spoken to couldn’t care less about anything but the berserker minotaur.

But, at the end of the day, we won’t see any new factions for at least another year plus. I have s feeling they’re going to be working on DLC maps and possibly a new character after the expansion.

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There is also the issue that Nurgle hates undeath. Undeath is kinda anathema to the Chaos Gods - they’re all about constant change and strife, while the undead are unchanging.

However . . . yeah, I feel like in lore you could totally justify it with “random Necromancer who is stupid enough to think he can get powers from Chaos and totally wants to use them, but they’re also using him just to put more meat(bones) on the front lines”. Chaos rarely plays straight with people. I can totally imagine Lohner’s voice talking about “some idiot necromancer who thinks he can trick the Chaos Gods . . . bugger’s screwed, but in the meantime he’s causing me a headache!”

I think it would be cool. Undead are a pretty thematic enemy type for this sort of game, and IF they could give them some kinda unique mechanic to make them stand out, they could probably be pretty dang interesting - certainly their Elites, Specials, and Monsters could be! Even zombies could have some kinda unique quality added to them; maybe they have the most health of the chaff enemies, but aren’t very dangerous, or they are highly resistant to stagger but are weak . . . That last one could kind of make sense. Skeletons being resistant to ranged attacks would also be pretty neat.


Very correct about Nurgle not liking undeath.
Zombies should take very little stagger and be damage sponges but be slower than the player, while skeletons should be extra vulnerable to stagger and resistant to range.
With Vampires added I’d go into new territory and have them battle both the Chaos and Vermin hordes, and the player. Like, all three parties are interested in securing an objective., free for all style, all heading towards the “finish line” and battling along the way.

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Could be interesting to see them fight, but if they’re having to calculate positions against against each other, that might heavily add to the CPU load. It’d also reduce difficulty, since you wouldn’t see the enemies mixing. I feel like having an uneasy alliance between some foolish Necromancer and the Pact-Sworn would be the best option, from a gameplay standpoint.

So what you’re saying is, she is both a Bret and a vampire. Hence the people wanting a Bretonnian get that and the people wanting a vampire get that. Cough cough makes sense to me. She just seems like the best choice. Clearly.

I wonder if bringing the U5 to Bretonnia or Athel would be too inappropriate for a DLC? Would it be better as DLC or a Vermintide 3? I guess you don’t really need to make another game though to add cinametics, levels, characters, and so on.


Can you imagine an expansion that would give us the Undeads as a new enemy faction, Genevieve as a new hero and a return to Castle Drachenfels with new and old maps? All Undead thematic!

I imagine it and … :heart_eyes:

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