Franz Lohner's Chronicles

Besides the title “warlock”, the fact he was able to interfere with Athel Yenlui’s stone suggests a magic-oriented scumbag, perhaps another seer?

If its a Skaven magic-user we can indeed be certain that its another seer.

The only non-seer mages the Skaven have, to my knowledge, are Clan Eshin’s sorcerers and they keep a low profile to avoid the wrath of the Grey Seers. And since Clan Fester is aligned with Clan Pestilence there should be little reason to think someone from Eshin has taken over the clan.

Still the last new leader we faced was a sorcerer in the form of Nurgloth so to me it would make more sense that they throw a warrior opponent at us. But I could be wrong.

Maybe we get a mappack, and before the sorcerer we get to kill another chieftain? or a pestilens boss?

Hm, not sure I would be wild on another chieftain boss fight. The first was kinda cool because we had no real boss fight in Vermintide 1 outside of it. Simply not sure how they could design it to make it different or interesting. Physical bosses are kinda limited in that regard.

Also, if we get a map pack I would rather like to see an Estalia/Bretonnia Undead Campaign OR I get my Chaos Rune Swords campaign :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive yet to hear lohner give any map intros since i first posted about it. I do have all dlc classes but still. Nothing from lohner for weeks.

Another boss fight would be cool if it ws sa bit more in line with first stages of nurgloth rather than bodvar or skarrik or gatekeeper.

That would be very possible.

In regards to making a warrior opponent different I would think that we have posted and discussed ways to make the fight a bit different from what we have now. So I wouldn’t be too worried if it ended up just like the other three, although I suppose FS could still drop the ball even if I personally don’t think they will do so.

Plague priests (and lords) exist, they aren’t council/seer aligned, they mostly work their own agenda.

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Hm, didn’t recall that. So I checked the Skaven army book (7th edition) and you’re right, my mistake.

So yes, we can also add Plague Priests who have magical capabilities although to be honest they are listed as level 1 sorcerers while Grey Seers come in at level 4, thus a Plague Priest would be more about, in my opinion, fighting complemented by magic, than a Grey Seer.

Could be cool though with a warrior opponent backed up with some magical tricks as opposed to pure fighting or pure magic. Sounds smiliar to where Nurgloth stands and while I have problems defeating him and I know many people dislike him, I like that we have a boss fight that’s actually a challenge.

I didn’t find any “Plague Lord” choices though.


Like a new special?

Could be, and as the Wargor is a hero choice, I suppose that the same could be done for the Plague Priest who is also a hero choice in the Skaven armu list to make the Plague Priest into a special as well.

He does the intro when there is no dlc career in the game - otherwise it is a dlc career. Franz Lohner is the voice of the vanilla game.

@WhereIsBaoDur idk, and can’t test atm.

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@Saryk Do you know if dlc bots count or they have to be players?

Then it’s time for Lohner’s new career: the Gold Wizzard.Since simply no one spent shillings on Karl’s dyed cotton textiles and he still has to pay the Ubersreik 5 every week for their incidental tasks, our clever old shopkeeper had no choice but to, shall we say, borrow a few tomes of Balthasar Gelt from the local bookstore and without further ado learn the powers of the metal wind and produce his own shillings. Et voila, Lohner has regained the right to dispose his pumpkins once again, FatSahrk can sell a 6th carrier, everyones happy.

Skrolk is counted as a Plaguelord, and Nurglich is described as Arch-Plaguelord. ‘The’ Plaguelords (as in leaders of Pestilens, i assume) had to flee Lustria after their defeat. All from the 7th edition army book (per wiki). They never got any tabletop model afaik, too bad they didn’t even got one in TW:W.

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Maybe this is a foreshadowing of the item limit changes. I.e. that cosmetics don’t count anymore. One can but hope :slight_smile:


I didn’t thought of it. But indeed, they said it’s arriving with the next big thing.

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Is this a confirmation that Sister of the Thorn is getting buffed?

So you were not joking…?

Explain yourself, Aqshy!!!1!

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Not improved, but rather rework? That’s what I thought I understood.
But on the one hand, it’s much better a rework. But, I won’t say more on this thread. Since it does not concern this category =)