Franz Lohner's Chronicles

Hi guys, I want to share this post made by fatshark:

I don’t see it on the steam news, but a friend of mine spotted it in the vermintide site.

I enjoyed it a lot, Lonher’s best post so far, imo.
Thanks Fatshark, this kind of thing goes a long way towards gaining goodwill, from me at least.

It made me wonder if we’ll see a new trio of maps - a bretonnian and two athel lohren ones, maybe?
I know it’s not likely, but it’s good nonetheless.


There’s even more, shame they don’t get a separate thread here on the forum.

Kruber gets an Wolf-kin career when?

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Aye, but somehow the king and queen post didn’t appear on steam.


Oh, I LOVE their lore!

And this: “Wolf-Kin have been known to attack Imperial tax collectors”.

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I like these stories too. In general, of course, it would be nice to see all this in the game in the form of scenes, dialogues, texts or even videos.

The only thing is, personally, I would like a little more connection with the End Times Campaign. In this regard, V1 was more.

Well, also, I hope these texts are a prologue to new content, and not an advertisement for new premium hats, for example.

More likely a lead up to new careers/Chaos Wastes I’d imagine. Only read the king and queen of the woods one though so I might be way off base here.

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Correct. And what have all those stories in common? They are told by Lohner. Ergo, Saltzpyre’s new DLC career will be Lohner.

In a more serious note. I don’t see how this would connect to Chaos Wastes (even without knowing anything about Chaos Wastes). If anything I would firmly believe that Drachenfels will have something to do with Chaos Wastes.


I really want not only the gameplay, but also the plot of the game to be completed in some interesting way, before the Developers will finally move on to Darktide.

[offtopic] It has now been announced the end of Man O’ War: Corsair on the Steam Store. Another Warhammer-based game will be less soon. All this is sad.

There was an interesting thread on the subreddit about what maps are featured in the header images for these recent Lohner blogs

Do any of them look familiar?

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The first image looks like a winter forest, and the second one has maybe the Death Weave filter applied to it. I think they are tied closer to the stories contained within those blog posts, rather than related in any way with the proper Chaos Wastes.


Seems weird to me they would design maps just for those images, but maybe it is less work than I know

If it’s just those setpieces I guess it wouldn’t be too much work

The image with the filter could simply be a screenshot from Engines of War, Dark Omens or any other forest map really with some tinkering in photoshop. The first one doesn’t really resemble The Cursed Rune or Chain of Fire from Verm1, so bets are up. My own bet however would still be on an imperial forest rather than Kislev or Troll Country.

(offtopic) Coincidence or not, but about the Wolves of Winter - but the classic books will be reprinted soon.

About vampires and a vampire hunter, I’m sure everyone has seen and knows.


Also, more stories:

P.S: Personally, I don’t mind, but I have a strong inner feeling that these stories may be an advertisement for the upcoming Premium Hats.

That is, as if the hats will be made “in honor” of the events described.


It’s a good guess. I don’t really fancy premium cosmetics, but having an entire post as the background for an item sounds cool :slight_smile:

My dream at this point is a set of map-pack heavily related to each character. Like: helping bardin search for his lost daughter, kerillian having unfinished businesses in Athel Lohren etc.
If that’s all too resource consuming, maybe releasing only 1 such map for each premium career.

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I hate elves © Lohner.


OOhh thanks!
Do you reckon I should change this post’s title to Lohner’s Chronicle? I will if you think you’ll be posting updates :slight_smile:

EDIT: interesting read, I wonder how this fits with the dryad prophecy pushing her towards ubersreik

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Of course, do it! :boom:

All this stories is very interesting to me. What will be the result of these hints?

Nowadays it is fashionable to play riddles, as you probably know. CA released a very tempting video “Azyr stirs…” Also a big mystery.

Oh, Fatshark. You’ve become so predictable. I expected this.


Would love to see them do some comic-style stuff of V2.

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