Female Character Faces Too Ugly

I think we’re all just sick and tired of the “Budget Cuts”. I’m not asking for massive JRPG assets here. But can’t we at least aim for attractive and in shape? Just for some of the characters, not even all of them. Its good to have a few ugly faces so i can roleplay some grizzled scarred whatever. My zealot is a beat down early 50s uggo and my veteran is a self insert so obviously he’s as rugged and good looking as I am in real life. But I haven’t made a girl character. Which is a shame because some of the female voice actors really nailed the characterization and are really charming.


It’s not clear to me that making attractive-ish characters is more difficult or expensive than purposely making ugly ones. Iirc there’s some quote from FS that they purposely wanted all the women to be ugly – someone complained about it early on, and they explicitly said that was their intention.

Also I gotta say, you can avoid making your characters “pretty” (as in, sparkly/dolled up/not-grimdark) without making them ugly the way FS has. See for example Senua from Hellblade. She’s rugged looking and grimdark as a mf but you can tell she’s got good features underneath all the muck. Wish FS would do that here.

Or, better yet, just give us some sliders! Let us customize the faces the way most modern games with custom characters do.


Female “loose cannon” veteran voice is S-tier imo


What wife, anon? MEDS! NOW!

I jest :smiley:

Anyway I fully agree. The faces are tough to get with. I know, you can fix it a little with those nice hats. But still.

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Wow nice one

I’m a simp for queen Kerillian!

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I hoped Fat Shark gives us better options here, but I get the suspension its going to be a paid option.

It looks like a design choice, they obviously know better what gamers want as shown numerous times before.

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I’m sure if they keep following the ineffable design, instead of listening to their players, their cratered playerbase will return.

Not really. The paid option (or earnable option) is to get a really nice hood or helmet and cover that ghastly sight up.
It’s the chaste, Emperor Blessed way of improving your looks.

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I really wish I could run a query on the backend to see just how many people actually play characters with some of these faces.


We live in a world where men are often not seen as having any kind of inherent value and so must earn the perception of value through hard work/violence/war. Women, conversely, are perceived as having a negative type of inherent “value” based solely on their attractiveness to men. 40k in general hasn’t done a great job showing how gender might work differently in the far far future but FS has made an effort here by taking all genders and throwing them into the no-inherent-value pot with men. It’s an interesting choice, I don’t know of it was the best choice but I’m glad they made an effort. The last thing we need is for this to be like some women-in-prison exploitation film.

At any rate, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the pressures gender places on us and try to remind ourselves that we deserve unconditional self-respect. Even if some CM calls us rejects.

It’s also a good opportunity to add diversity by encouraging people to use more than the same 1-3 female faces you see in every dropship. Lets get that diversity going!

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I think in general thats how 40k works. There isn’t much room to care about much else. People are thrown in the guard and Forge Worlds en masse because it’s necessary to feel those positions with as many functional people as possible. The only exception to this is that Imperial Knight Households, which some authors have portrayed as being extremely patriarchal while others have shown them being meriocratic.

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Welp, I can’t help myself…