Fatshark you really did LAZY job with WS regen nerf- Her ammo passive is useless now and her Passive is non-existant with 2 Grims taken. Change it to aura for team

Man, that is stupid as hell. Playing under 50% require more skill than not getting below 50% HP for the whole run? If this doesn’t sound stupid to you- you are beyond help.

Your understanding of skill is absolutely wrong, I can’t even process that.

If you have two players on Legendary run and one was never below 90% of his HP and you were constantly below 50%- the first player played much better than you- you wasted your HP, you can’t dodge effectively, you can’t block, you waste healing mats, you are risking being one shot by boss (who takes 50% of your HP with most attacks on Legendary), while he can maintaint his health.

This is so wrong I am surprised you can play even Recruit in this game.

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Ok you are right, what you are saying doesnt make sense.

2 grims. Thats your ansver. It means you regen ends at 25% of your normal health pool.

2 Grims.

Then literally everything can 2 shot you.

Still helps against friendly fire, for example. I’m sure some other effect also deal less than 25% of the HP pool. But let’s rephrase: “It CAN help against getting one shot”. It was not very central to my agrument to begin with.

Leave him, he never did 2 grims run at all so he doesn’t even now what it does to you in higher difficulties, and he will never get above Vet. He says playing below 50% HP requires more skill than not getting below 50% HP at all.

No. It can’t. At that hp level, the regen is useless. Before it was fine.

Now? It’s a safety measure vs dorf funs and wizards.

Haha! I see you bring your best arguments to the table! :smiley:

The point of this game on Champ and Legendary is to AVOID FF. Besides it does not help unless you team mates are so stupid that they bring you to below 50% from FF. Then your team just plays bad

Well, considering everyone have to explain basics to you like 2 grims debuff and what it means and that being below 50% HP is not “skill” (lol)- you can’t blame me for what I wrote, since it’s clear you have no idea about this game.

I cannot follow your logic. If there was a talent that could allow to ignore FF it would be awesome, overpowered even. This is why FF exists on harder difficulties and anything that helps to mitigate it makes the game easier.

I can and I will. The fact that you have to resort to ad hominems to argue your point is on you and your point… not on me.

I cannot follow your logic. If there was a talent that could allow to ignore FF it would be awesome, overpowered even. This is why FF exists on harder difficulties and anything that helps to mitigate it makes the game easier.

I know you cannot follow, so I will ask you - did you play Legendary at all? Because at Legendary most range weapons can get you from 100-0 HP, like One Repeater Volley, Blunderbuss full shot, Head shot crit from Long Bow can take most of you HP, bomb can kill your whole team. If you think regen allowed you to ignore FF- you clearly did not play Legendary and have no idea what you are talking about.

Its clear you dont understand what 2 grims does to your health pool. Especially on Champ and Lord where you are always 4 hits from death from full health.

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Or even one/two from some enemies like Berzerker can take 80% of your HP with one attack on Legend, boss two-shot you and Chaos Warrior heave slam can 100-0 you. But he had to play Legend to know that…

I understand. You stating I don’t does not make it so. I never argued the talent would be effective with 2 grimoires (quote if I am wrong) so I don’t know where you are coming from. It’s just a strawman you built. But fine, I’ll argue that the talent still does something with 2 grimoires… and that is heal you when you are below 50% hp. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Ilex is just trolling at this point. Lets not feed.


Please tell me how regen below 50% HP rewards good playing and player- I am waiting. And prove me wrong it does not punish (by not working at all) a good player.

And please prove me wrong it did not made her 2 talents useless- I am waiting. Please bring arguments, not only semantics.

Also prove me that it does not become obsolete with 2 grims equipped- I am waiting.

Her regen was never OP. Her strength was infinite ammo longbow shots. Which you can still do albeit with less room for error.

It’s just now that dwarf and Sienna do the same but easier .

If you did not want semantics argued why did you highlight the semantic part of your topic? There have been useless talents in the game and there will continue to be. This is not the argument. But you came here, on the feedback forums, to accuse the devs of being lazy, which I argued against. If you want to have a civilized discussion do not throw a s*fit when something doesn’t go your way.