Fatshark, if you want selling cosmetics please don’t be lazy with weapon variations

This is something that annoys me. When you apply a cosmetic to a weapon, the cosmetic is the same for all MK. It means that your weapon will look, sometimes, like an other weapon.

Example of the heavy sword:

As you can see, the cosmetic is from the heavy sword Mk IX, a skin I don’t like (personal opinion).

But, my surprise was, while I prepared to create this thread, that this is not all cosmetics.

Lasgun MG Ia is the common appearance for all cosmetics of infantry lasgun.

Except that MG IV Mortis operative is not following this path.

Same for MG XII.

This is something that makes me thinking that they become lazy. When they created the cosmetics for the imperial edition, they have made correctly the work and worked on every variations. Now, they don’t even try to do it.

Combat axe, tactical axes, braced auto, infantry auto, headhunters… all are is the same bag. Once you apply cosmetic, so you want to make them a little custom, they loose their appearance to become a common weapon.
While they can find excuse for cosmetics nightshade cammo and fire waste cammo (personal opinion, they should not), this also apply to paid weapon cosmetics. And here… let’s say it, there is something really wrong.

So Fatshark, will you give us a finished work instead of the half finished cosmetics?
For the future, I advice you to take care of this. This could seem a detail, but if you want to sell cosmetics, you have to pay attention to details.
I actually started to come back to standard cosmetics cause of this. I hate that my Heavy sword VI looks like an heavy sword IX…

[EDIT - here several examples]

Achlys is here the common skin

Here, Atrox MK II is the common

Columnus is the common


I really don’t like that there is no rule whether the skin will be a remodel or a recolour. It’d be really great if they could add recolouring as a second cosmetic menu separate from weapon models.

In comparison to VT2, it feels like they really skimped on weapon models. Each different rarity weapon used to have a different model that corresponded to how rare it was. Grey weapons looked basic, orange weapons were ornate. I understand ornate weapons wouldn’t be lore appropriate, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of weapon model options.

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Tbh, when I have read that DT would have paid weapon cosmetics, I was not thinking it would be only a recolor.
So, new models is something I would love. The VT2 system you describe is something I would love. However, what is the most important for me is that every weapons should be unique.
I hate that all braced autogun look like a Colomnus braced gun once you apply a cosmetic.

Also, the skins recolor are not something hard to do. I find totally mind-blowing that for a simple recolor we have to pay ordos. But, I can accept it as ordos are easy to obtain (soon my first million)… but then they could publish more variations. I already bought all of them… even if, now, I start to use again the standard appearance.

I really hope that they could fix the appearance of the weapons variations. I know this is just cause they are lazy (and tbh I consider that disrespectful) but considering there are paid cosmetics, this is close to a bug.

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really not a fan of the weapon skins considering there is a difference between weapons but they look exactly the same… and the appearance trinkets arent overly visual enough to tell which weapon has one or not… hopefully with loadout manager there will be an option to favourite certain weapons… but agree whole heartedly with op

They likely had no time to full implement skins/models as it was released in EA Nov 30, 2022.

I totally agree with you on this. I think that they had to release the game. That’s why I said:

While they can find excuse for cosmetics nightshade cammo and fire waste cammo (personal opinion, they should not), this also apply to paid weapon cosmetics. And here… let’s say it, there is something really wrong.

Problem is when you sell something that we pay in real money. Something half made does not worth to be paid.
If someone comes to repair my roof but does it on half the house… I don’t want to pay him cause once it will rain, there will be water in the house.
Fatshark needs to:

  • fix current weapon skins
  • pay attention to respect weapon variations for the future skins they will release

It’s extra annoying when certain marks have different iron sights as well so if you apply a skin, it changes those too and might be upsetting if you prefer the default sights ( Case for me and hellbore lasguns )

I cannot upvote this enough.

It drives me crazy, particularly with the combat axe. My favorite is the Antax Mk V – I don’t want it to look like the Achlys when I apply a skin to it. Particularly if I paid a couple of real actual dollars for that skin.

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Agreed with OP and all. They need to fix this if for no other reason than it makes it hard to sort your inventory when all weapons of the same type are homogenized. Simply not using skins on your weapons is not a proper solution.

Some of the skins are particularly egregious. In most cases they recolour one of three types and that becomes the skin for every weapon of that type. In the case of headhunter autoguns they kitbashed an entirely new model out of parts from all three variants that doesn’t match any of them.

About this, I would really like that we can tag a weapon as favorite and it locks it so you could not sell, use to earn blessing and you could also have the possibility to only display favorites weapons.

But, I did also like you. I used skins to tag the weapons I wanted to keep or were interesting.

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