Chaos mutation cosmetic armor and weapons

With the release of crafting and the scoreboard mod everything this base game needed will be here. Once i have the scoreboard mod installed i can finnaly change my review to positive. Even though fatshark didnt make it they are at least allowing it. With those base features in the game i feel its finnaly time for me to buy some cosmetics. Im not a huge fan of what has been released so far but something i would love to see is chaos altered armor and weapons. I know from a lore standpoint it wouldnt make sense but damn it would be cool.

I will change my review to positive also when they release crafting.

I like the cosmetics, however about weapons they need to fix them.
See this thread I created about weapon cosmetics

My thing is there are a million guard regiments they can add, I would rather not have them jump straight into “ha ha dress like heretics now”.

I already have trouble at a glance picking out the one set that looks like the scab stalkers if I don’t see an outline so thank the emperor there isn’t friendly fire.

The thing is they could even make some up such as making a Viking themed one or have some based of feudal Japan or whatever you can think of.

I’m really hoping they don’t just pivot into total nonsense early on.


For the Viking ones I remember a Regiment like that, for the Feudal Japan I don’t remember if there is one, but there nothing pointing against that

What? No! xD
Our characters are grunts in the Inquisition, they’re lucky they don’t get executed for getting traitor and mutant blood on them xD

yea its not lore relevant cus they would get killed instantly for having chaos mutations if they went to the morningstar but its cool looking so.

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