So there will be no Weapon Customization because according to Hedge "This is not COD". Good that weapons don't have stats like in COD... oh wait

I don’t need to comment on this. It speaks for itself:


Poor Imperium humans can’t afford to add/remove scopes/flashlights on weapons. I guess like crafting anything it “doesn’t fitting setting”.

Funny they didn’t say “We don’t have premium currency cash shop cause it’s not mobile game and it doesn’t fit setting”, eh?


i mean, apparently weapons having selectors to set htem to Semi-/Fullauto also doesn’t fit the setting, hence why we have 2(6) semi automatic 1 (3) full auto lasguns


Swapping attachments and scopes is not tech-heresy. It absolutely fits the setting and is mentioned fairly often in WH40K material (novels, unit descriptions, weapon descriptions etc.).
Inquisitorial Warband members are not random IG mooks, they are allowed to have their weapons tweaked and customised if a Tech-Priest is willing.


Nevermind that the blessings in 40k are primarily nonsense rituals that don’t impact the weapon beyond proper maintenance practices, so “reblessing” a weapon to have a different effect would basically be taking care of some failing part of the weapon, ergo rerolling blessings like traits in Vermintide would make a ton of sense.

Want the weapon to crit more? Your daily ‘blessing’ ritual is to sharpen the teeth or edge of it slightly more than normal. That sort of thing. Unless Games Workshop is going hard over on a specific interpretation of blessings, the devs can keep a lot of the older, working systems of VT2 without pissing off lore purists.


Hedge is dropping a lot of stupid remarks, to be honest.


Definitely a very…“unfortunate” comment, to put it diplomatically. One of the things I am most disappointed about this game is no gun customization, didn’t hear it got scrapped until the pre order beta.

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Being able to swap out weapon sights is bare minimum for some of these weapons. Pretty disappointing if they’re backing off of that option.


+1 for more weapon sight options to improve the play experience.

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Ah yes, Call of Duty, the only game, at any point, to ever have gun customization…


It is often mentioned in lore that lasguns can have either scopes or iron sights along with the other autoguns. I don’t think there would be a balance problem since scopes limit close range combat and iron sights are more versatile but harder to use at range.

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also they talk about how the lasguns in the lore can be full power, half power, semi auto or full auto just with a few dial adjustments in gaunts ghosts. It blows my mind that they won’t let us use sights. Clearly, in the 41st millennium how dare we add a sight to a guardsmens lasgun. I can get different variants to avoid complicating a weapon for the purpose of a video game. However, to use the lore as an excuse for such changes requires that Hedge actually tells us where he’s referencing it from if that;s going to be the fallback. Yes, Fatshark is working with Dan Abnett, a literal favorite author of mine along with Joe Abercombe and a few others. However, to me if you make a claim about the lore, I want the literal page number and book name.