Low effort game and premium currency weapon cosmetics

I was very confused when i saw plain camo paints even as premium cosmetics. Even if they have different framework you can’t use them without damn camo paint. It’s such low effort bs weapon skins that even low budget korean mmorpg would be ashamed of.

It’s not that game lore restricts cosmetics to be just different paintjobs. Fatshark has great designers that could make unique frameworks for weapons like in vt2 but what we got is not only bad skin design but also bad skin application mechanics.

Obviously it’s not the main focus for the game right now but it’s still an important progression/motivation feature like achievements and crafting. Moreover they definitely have people dedicated to making cosmetics to maintain premium shop.

They got a good idea but realization is awful for a full release game. Just add damn system where i can apply paintjobs and frameworks separately like in deep rock galactic and add more frameworks to play around i know your designers can do it and have a lot of fun doing it.

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I bet the guy who made the textures and the models thinks differently about this than you do.
Now, could there be more variance in colors and styles? Sure.

I personally think they aren’t too shabby, though.

The weapon skins are really… leaving to be desired and I’m being really gentle about it.

Weapons could use different models, other thing that could help weapon feel better is being able to add attachments and switch iron sights. Some guns have atrocious iron sights like the autoguns.


I’m not complaining about texture or model quality. it’s the general lack of variance and plain paintjobs. If you compare it with vermintide 2 it’s a huge stepdown for Fatshark.

And again there is now paid weapons skins that have just plain camo as change or in case of thunder hammer just a really small detail painted with paintjob. I’m a designer myself and i would be ashamed to put already existing model with few pixels repainted and take money for it but can’t speak for them obviously.