Farming blessings is complete ASS Fatshark please do something about it

I have blown close to 20k plasteel trying to get power cycler. Yes, I am one of the few people who play your game but at this point I am going to stop. I have upgraded dozens of power swords to orange rarity even before you reduced the cost slightly. I have yet to see power cycler.

You need to be reasonable. Either make the T4 blessings more common or reduce the cost of consecrating to orange by 1000 plasteel so we have more chances to pull your slot machine lever. I was hoping to play with strong power sword before I quit this game but I just don’t care anymore.


When trying to get this blessing, i made more than 40 blues (all base 360+) and made more than 20 of them orange.
This gave me exactly those three out of the seven T4 blessings, that i would not use anyway.

Then i got power cycler from Melk.

If you are looking for a specific T4 blessing, do not put yourself through this.
Especially considering that most weapons have access to vastly more than seven T4 blessings.

Do not waste your time.
Just wait for melk.

(yes this system is pretty bad and does not allow you to farm for any specific blessing)


Honestly just pick a weapon you like till you find one at melk’s.

I was driven crazy to get a good can opener on ripper gun MKV and, this morning, without notice :

Replaced run perk by 25% carapace and fire frenzy by blaze away. Boom. Legendary.

I have been doing it since the beginning and I have a lot of great weapons. Not full T4 of course, but strong enough to do what it has to do.


It’s not really helpfull to say “just play the game until you get what you want, I got what I wanted eventually”, as it’s entirely possible to NOT get what you want in a thousand hours of gameplay. I don’t claim to know the odds well, but judging by how much people have already tried and failed it seems reasonable that someone will be that unlucky among the playerbase. I just can’t understand how such a system, that allows for possibly endless bad luck could even have been considered, let alone implemented.


Dunno if it’s RNG, but I check in app melk’s store everyday and Ogryns seems to get more love than other classes in terms of modifiers rating, perks and blessings…

Edit : I know it’s not helpful, but what can I do ? No one can help you, so my comment is as useless as OP whine post… all I can say is what worked for me. Melk’s and damnation rewards are way to go, not brunt…

Just my 2 cts


Well, that is not at all what we said though.
At least the entire point of what i said was:
“Do not waste your time, trying to farm for a specific T4 blessing with this RNG system.”

I said what i said, because of how bad the chances are.
Not because “i got it so it is fine” but because “i got it and i know how much time and ressources i wasted trying to get there”.

When you try to get a blessing from melk, all you have to do is:

  • do your weeklies
  • check melk store 1x per day
  • buy item if it ever shows up

Neither one of the two ways has a guarantee of ever giving you the blessing that you want, but if you simply wait for melk, at least you are not wasting hours upon hours of time, farming and then burning your ressources in the slot machine.


Well I suppose giving tips is always helpfull, good intentions and everything, however after blowing 20k plasteel the only thing I could bear to hear is something in the lines of “Oh hell man, that sucks, the system sucks, tough luck!”

It’s just that the topic author isn’t whining, he has every right to be completely frustrated by the crafting.


At the moment this is all the content they got for us. Welcome to dark tide endgame.


Not really, you supposed to made QA job and report all bugs and test all stuff. Farming is just a bonus.


The chances of getting a specific blessing for a specific weapon on an orgyn is significantly better than for any other class. The vet has the biggest pool and thus the worst odds.


There is absolutely no way that I will log in to check some RNG shop to see if some blessing that I’m looking for is there. I’ll check when I play with friends once a week, but otherwise I have games to play that respect my time.

I don’t expect that everything will go my way. My gaming time is limited and I play games that I enjoy. I enjoy the missions themselves, and I enjoy other games. I don’t enjoy slot machines so I just don’t bother.

Even though I never liked Vermintide’s loot boxes, at least there you knew that you would always be given enough materials to craft what you wanted. The grind was finite and predictable. I would even go so far as to say that I don’t consider it a grind when I enjoy the missions, which I do with both Vermintide and Darktide. I also don’t need all gear right now, but I want predictability and slot machines are not that.

Agree completely.


It’s also entirely possible to get hit by a car on the sidewalk or a falling brick from a building, pretty unlikely tho.

You can use the app, it’s also helpful when running multiple characters to check the shop for weapons/curios on reset while playing, easier to even walk to the shop. How much the app helps doesn’t invalidate your point it just really does help.

BTW, I share the opinion that things like Power Cycler, T4 Infernus, and bloodthirsty aren’t something to play for, they are good don’t get me wrong, but only playing to get them isn’t a good mindset.

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Yet cars and bricks probably happen every day somewhere. My next sentence was the point I was making, that with no bad luck protection in the system, and with these odds, and with still thousands of players, someone is going to be the unlucky one never really getting what they are after.

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In my experience tier 4 Blessings never appear at the first roll (upgrade from green to blue), so if you are searchig for one sadly i think best way is to ugrade to max, still quite low chances imho.
Best source of T4 blessings for me has been Melk’s and Emperor gifts ( damanation runs with second objective complete ). Still super RNG based, very bad. Got T4 Skullcrusher only today, i was hunting for it since crafting release.

Yeah, it’s pretty unlikely you will get hit by lightning twice, but with the number of people living on earth is more unlikely to not have anyone that had been hit by lightning twice.

Still, I think it’s unreasonable to focus on legendary bad luck.

I think it’s unreasonable to dismiss other people’s bad luck just because it’s not happening to you. Especially in the context of giving feedback to how that effects player experience with a system within a game within its own forum.


I don’t think I’m doing that.

If your cousin gets hit by a car when going on a date I’ll weep with you, but still insist that you don’t just lock yourself into the room fearing that the same might happen to you.

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In my opinion, you stray over the line into being dismissive when you make such hyperbolic out of context analogies as that one and the ones comparing lightning strikes and bricks.


My point was towards @einssi and not op. I was implying that writing something like “you might not get the weapon in 1k hours of playtime” is akin to scaring with bricks and lightning strikes, which in my experience so far seems pretty accurate.

But the way the system designed, that is entirely possible and for not just a few people, likely. Because of the lack of any bad luck protection. Because of the over-reliance on multiple layers of pure RNG. Because any RNG mitigation has it’s own RNG. There are no guarantees built into the system at all, and even if the bell distribution holds true and it’s only 1% still playing that never get the item they want that’s another 40 or so people affected and possibly leaving.