Extremely bad connectivity to T-Mobile home internet

Rubberbanding, Can’t switch weapons. enemy and ally locations are fine.

My internet is usually fine with other games and has never had any issue with the previous Tide games.

Thank you for your report. We’re looking at connectivity issues on a larger scale, and hopefully this will improve for you with time.

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I’m also having this rubberbanding / stuttering / lagaporting issue, but constantly, for the last 3 days. I will try to switch weapons, and the animation will begin, but then cancel. I’ll try to fire a ranged weapon, and the animation will play, as well as sound, but no ammo is consumed, and no hit is registered. I’ll be just running around the Mourningstar, but I’ll be cha-cha sliding all over the place and my character will do weird little blink teleports.
I should say I have tried every fix I can think of. Called my isp, reset my pc, verified files on Steam, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, tried changing settings in game, switched between borderless and fullscreen… Nothing seems to help, and the game is currently unplayable for me in this state.

I also have T-Mobile home internet and I keep getting a “disconnected from server” error.

Fortunately, I have another ISP that I can use, but I’ve never had an issue like this with any other game.

FWIW, I have T-Mobile for my phone, and when my phone is connected to wifi, I can be standing next to the Wifi hotspot and T-Mobile will still manage to drop half of the things I’m saying.

They have really spotty coverage across the US. They’re just bad and cheap in general from what I’ve seen.