Constant Lag for My Friends And I While Using Cox Communications as our ISP

Constant Lag (Rubber Banding / Weapon Swapping / Input Issues) Occurring When Playing The game Using ISP Cox Communications.

  1. Play any match while using the above ISP.
  2. Experience game ruining lag.
  3. Issue became much worse on 11/25 but has been happening intermittently throughout the BETA.


Player ID:
Jerome_the_Just / bambuddha / bcrpirate / six5

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Intermittently since beta began. Became severe on 11/25/2022.

Reproduction Rate:
Was Common (<50%) - Is now Constant (100%)

Just out of curiosity I tried using my phones mobile hotspot and had almost no lag when using it.

All of my friends that have this particular ISP experience this issue.

Please help. I can’t get a different isp where I live because I’m in an apartment.

This is ISP-specific in which case I recommend reaching out to them and explaining your issue. It’s possible there’s something they can do on their end to address this for you.

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Unfortunately now it’s happening on the hotspot too so I am not sure if it’s ISP specific anymore.

same issue but different provider… happens with hotspot aswell which is also different provider… sometimes its a lot worse seems like restarting the game helps a little for like 15mins…