Game keeps dropping input, rubber banding and only getting worse each patch

Lately I’ve been having a huge issue with latency thats exclusive to Darktide. Whenever I ult as a Psyker, the voice line goes off and so does the animation but the server didnt detect it and it does nothing. Same with staves. Charge up staff, click fire, nothing happens. My hand flick like theyre about to cast but it ends up doing nothing and I built up charge for no reason. And rubber banding at complete random.

All of this is seriously harming my experience and has only gotten worse with each patch and I’m only experiencing these issues with Darktide.

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Are you on a wireless internet or a physical connection? If your on wireless, give a physical ethernet cable a try, it might solve your issue.

Getting the same issues here. I thought it might have been my connection as I use tmobile home internet. It’s not fiber or gigabit cable but it’s a solid connection even though I use my lan for a direct connect to the modem. Performance for my boys playing destiny 2 is great but for me playing this is like you said, I get stuck pulling a trigger with no pop, can’t swith weapons, I can literally be 3 places at once on the map.

I know I’m 13 days late but physical. I’m connected to my modem. Also with the recent update it feels better