Endgame would be awesome if it wasn't for the netcode

So at first i thought this issue was only regarding me but apparantly there are so many out there with rubberbanding and latency issues on Heresy and up.
It’s fine until many enemies arrive ergo a horde. Quick swapping weapons doesn’t work properly. I press quick swap, it swaps to my sword quickly and straight back to ranged. If i spam quick swap a few times it works which is extremely frustrating during a horde.
Rubberbanding also happens every so often during horde which makes you unable to dodge.
You dodge but the server places you back into position.

Someone said that i should get a better internet but i disagree as this is the only game i have these issues with. And it only happens when the server has alot going on at the moment.

I would like this to be acknowledged as it’s pretty much impossible for me and most likely for many else to enjoy endgame at all when you have issues like these.


I have the same issues.

In addition, this also has an effect on :

  • charging/releasing weapons (special attacks and staffs)
  • interrogator skull puzzle entries
  • helping fallen team members back on their feet

Yeah, it has an effect on many things if not everything when it starts.
I’ve seen no acknowledgement about this whatsoever from fatshark so i’m wondering if they even care about this issue.

I’m positive many people with this is gonna put the game on hold soon until it’s fixed however!

Yet another thing apart from the incomplete crafting that makes endgame terrible.

its either the server software, server hardware issues or server bandwidth limitations but its a fricken mess. the bad rego and input failures need to be addressed, Why most of these things are handled server side in a co-op game is perplexing to me.

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