Eviscerator thoughts

How do you guys feel about the eviscerator? I like it, it’s my favorite weapon, but I feel that something is wrong with it sometimes. Like it will cleave and kill very easily or I struggle with killing single enemies like poxwalkers. I feels like the damage and cleave are inconsistent between moments. I don’t mind the chain part of the weapon where it latches on to enemies and such. I don’t know about what the eviserator should be.

I don’t use it often, though whenever I see one what I immediately think is: Shouldn’t it be a little bigger?


Eviscerator needs a general buff. It should be generally better at horde clear than it is.

Yes. It should.


Long long maaaaaaaaaaaaan!


Dunno it´s actually pretty good at waveclear. Just go for a right heavy swing followed by a push + swing, which will be like a heavy from the left side. Rinse and repeat it instead of going into the 2nd heavy animation, and all that even without cleave blessings or so.

I gave up on it on my zealot. The weapon does not do what it should to compensate for all the chip HP dmg you get by using it.

It is slow it is clumsy. The attack patterns are not horizontal or vertical enough. It should just slide trough low armor enemies instead of shredding into them.
It is only good for picking on single enemies, while its Perks tend to work about multiple targets.


I’m kinda annoyed how it keep sending enemy flying everywhere and make clearing horde more time consuming, not to mention it might leave out some straggler that’ll hit me in the back later.

Heavy Sword is overall better in general, except against Crusher ofc

For a class exclusive weapon it’s just meh at best.

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Actually, Push attack into heavy swing and then 2 lights. Then repeat. It is awesome for wave clear as it is all horizontal swings. Fast, Slow, Fast, Fast.

Still, I would love if the eviscerator was stronger. Atm I’m using Rampage IV, Momentum III and I have the “Hit 3 enemies, get impact” feat and it does well at horde clear/control, but I feel like I’m using a ton of resources to do something “well” when I would expect it to do EXTREMELY well.

Also, armor seems to counter it even if the weapon says that it shreds flesh and armor alike. Pretty sad that is seems to do both “well” but nothing extremely well. I realize I just repeated myself, but I guess that’s the feel for eviscerator.

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I know what you mean, but i do think it´s excellent because it can do everything well. It´s pretty much like the Forcesword on Psyker, an allrounder-weapon. I really like it for what it is instead of sitting being more orientated into a niche like either waveclear or armorpen.

I think its pretty well balanced. It does not have any uber op wave clear like powersword but it still does have enough that it can pretty easily deal with mixed horde of enemies. And for single targets you can just saw elites to death.
You do need pretty decent blessings tough to run it optimally and difference between bad and good rolled one is night and day difference.
Its been my go to weapon for zealot.

That was my point. It should outclass the heavy sword except in swing speed, with special giving it a risky but high value commitment attack. Whereas the heavy sword should be slicker to use in the same role.

For the eviscerator, I feel like it should be like the brettonian longsword in V2. Where its good at everything, yet not the best at everything. Can do any role, but not as well as weapons which specialize in that specific role. The work horse of zeolot.


Eviscerator and all chain weapons in general need a passive supression mechanic, for when your weapon shreds and bites into a target. The surrounding enemies should shrug back from attacking, while the animation locks you on your target.


Tbh, when seeing the eviscerator for the first time I felt like this would have been a weapon where you aren’t in control of it, most likely you’re trying to “tame” it.

As if you are handling a wild beast with immense power, too much power for a human to handle properly. And as such, it tears through everything, but each strike you do it becomes harder to control, exposing you to damage over long chain of attacks and punishing you with a long recovery when you miss an attack or use one of its horizontal swings on enemies with too little mass.

Dunno`, that was what I was expecting before trying it and what I would like it to be if I were to “ask” fatshark to modify the evis.
But honestly, I couldn’t care less than modifying the evis right now, as the game is actively trying to get me to quit it after a week and half of trying to do a weapon to try a build and having made 0 progresses so far. Feeling extremely demoralized by RNG and the lack of “small constant progresses”.

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This would be absolutely broken and abusable.

Stuff like playing around the special-abilities from weapon is actually some sort of skill-ceiling in this game. Kiting a horde + elites and taking out one by one, maybe even eating a hit with toughness on purpose, should stay as it is.

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My main issue with the evi is that the special attack is cool and fluffy and gives it that high damage option for elites with some risks attached, without stomping all over the thunder hammer’s niche. But its just too weak against hordes. Its not bad but it should be excellent. If someone says “i wana kill hordes” the answer should be


Eviscerator is one of my favorite 40k weapons aesthetically, and seeing my fully tooled out one being made useless by a vetetan with a P sword is very demoralizing.


That’s like saying you would be demoralized by a 50 cal. Barret while you have to shoot your beloved BB gun.
Power sword is lorewise absolutely stronger and more versatile than a chain sword.

Do not try to push this into another PS nerf call tread! DO NOT!

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Too late. It always has been.

That’s straight up untrue. The Evciserator has a minor power field around it at all times. It’s better at destroying thicker armor (like vehicles) than the p sword is. I would like to see chain weapons in general be buffed.

Also another Vet that doesn’t want his easy mode stick changed :upside_down_face:

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