Did the Ravage of the Eviscerator get nerfed?

I swear before the patch today it did full damage against carapace armor.

Now it does around half damage and also does not stun crushers anymore during the animation.

Is this a bug or was this intended? It wasn’t in the patch notes and the eviscerator is supposed to counter armor, right?


I have tested it yet since I’m at work but do you know what the chain axe and evis move speed “fix” on light attacks are?

I feel like its way slower right now. Damage is till “fine” (considering what the weapon is actually supposed to do and be), but the animation/speed is just way to awkward now.
Guess its back to combat axe and knife. And a thunder hammer now and then for kill missions to have fun.

Gonna have to see how it is when I get back.
But if that’s true and it feels clunky like the chain axe on normal hits I will probably just quit zealot for a long time since it’s the/was most fun melee in the game.
RIP my 50 hours of eviscerator was great though.

I found axe to be the best weapon for damage somehow.
Less roleplay. More efficiency though !

Anyway, it’s nice to alternate.

Shame when the axe is literally jack of all trades and best suited for random play, because you will never be able to trust your teammates with their job.
So a weapon with decent waveclear/control, armor pen and nice attspeed kinda takes the cake here.

Iirc, you can break the kill animation for the chainaxe either with block LMB or just LMB fast.
I sold mine, so no way in teseting.

Yeah, my psyker veteran and zealot all use an axe at the moment ah !

There are alternates but it is a strong contender (don’t see any of them really have any cleave right now though).

I know I can break it but when the options are spam left click and have my camera pull away from me ever so slightly every single hit so i feel motion sickness after 30 minutes of play or attack block attack.
I just take the third option of not using it altogether.

The evis is not bad at all since its only on the reved up strikes so it’s spaced out enough to not annoy me at all.

Yeah, I know what you mean, if you have to deal with this animation, might aswell get the Eviscerator that literally does the same thing but has more waveclear, right?
Its like the Catachan sword, pretty unique special attack, right? Parry and Riposte sounds cool. Except it only blocks 1 guy out of the group from 10 enemies you face, so you trade hits 1 to 1, without even pushing or hitting the other 9 enemies, just to get blasted. Its such a shame.

Yeah in really wish they would make all the weapons actually versatile like the evisceratior is.

Evis has light spam
sweeping heavy CC
higher damage sweeping heavy with anti armor and mobility slow
ST high damage with a mobility slow
Block into quick knock down
Rev Block into high damage swing with slow (bulwark killer.

All the others feel like they got half to a quarter the tools that evis has.

Okay, this discussion kinda derailed. Can someone confirm my suspicion?

@Aqshy Did you guys change Eviscerator against carapace on purpose?

I’m really late here, but was shocked testing out my eviscerator in the Strategium (on Damnation) just now and…not sure if this was always, but i don’t remember the Ravage being so weak.

Like… light attacks to the head were highest dps to ANY armor type (flak/carapce, w.e) and almost seemed buffed at some point.

Heavy attacks, (have CC mind you) came in at about 50% dps of lights overall

Ravage was like… 20-30% less than heavy attacks (which i remember previously would 1-2 shot carapace armor ogryns and such with ease)

Mind you, there was a massive difference in dmg when heavy swing vs light swing with Ravage on
… the light ravage tickled like 10% hp off a Rager (armoured/unarmoured versions) [light attacks killing in like 3-4 hits at most shots regardless …i have perk for +25% to flak however that biases a tad)
… fully charged heavy ravage woudl do like… 50% hp (but the windup time and dps are still abysmal)

Not sure if this is some odd bug, or intended, but other than stunlocking Carapce enemies (might as well use the hammer as it 1-2 shots them instead + stunlocks), the dmg seems completely useless nowon ANY armour type or enemy type.

Is this new? I know this is an old post but… I miss that satisfying shredding lol … light attack spam on …everything not a horde seems boring and a waste of potential for such a badass weapon imho.

At LEAST add something like… mad stacks of bleeding based on hits in a ravage that land [so it’s like a stun+wounding attack]. … or like double the damage again and let it be rewarding to use? I dunno…

Very disappointing that it had zero usefulness suddenly other than somewhat stun locking big guys (instead of ripping them in half as I recall is very much lore)

Am I missing something?