More Gibs / Bleed effects on chain weapons please!

Hello! Something of an easy one in the midst of all the other bigger changes being proposed.

Using the evicerator feels amazing; its powerful and cleaves people in half. Running around with one as a Zealot is probably the most fun I have in the game.

With the chain-axe and the chainsword, even when revving, I don’t get the level of gibbing or limb removal that I would expect. As powerful as the weapons sound and feel to use, the lack of cutting power makes them still feel something like a club that you’re bonking something with.

Would love to see some more frequent limb removal, even if these weapons aren’t powerful enough to cut people in half like the evicerator.

Side note, I have yet to see a chain weapon with lacerate. I might just be getting un-lucky, but if not, I think adding the skill to chain weapons would make a ton of sense given the mess a chainsaw would do on a heretic. Additionally, it would let zealots use these iconic weapons and still syngergize with some of their abilities. As far as I know, only that dagger can get lacerate.