Chainsword is just a watered-down chainaxe

The chain-axe kicks ass. It hits twice on light attacks, sawing through the enemies (though for a much lesser duration than that of a special-attack with it). Making it do a small saw on light attacks feels like what the chainsword should do too. As it stands now, chainsword simply feels like you’re smacking them with a blunt object. I think chainsword should get the same ‘Mini-saw’ effect as chainaxe’s light attacks to help it feel like a chain weapon more often


The Zealot is just a watered-down Veteran. Working as intended


Absolutely agree!
The ChainAxe feels great!
Chainsword should feel just as great!
Please FatShark, I know you can do this!
If not change the chainsword, then please bring out an other chainsword for the 3 human classes, that feels great, much like the chainAxe, thanks

(and that also have big visible teeth like the chainAxe does)

I agree the chainaxe feel is decent. Really, if I could get attention on this, I would say put the chainaxe feel on the !h chainsword, make the chainsword a little narrower, and take the current chainaxe out of the game. Remove the rev, increase power for all hits.

For special, if before hit, make it reverse the teeth to push enemy away, if after/during hit, make it LEAN IN to buzz into the target.

When returning to chain axe, go with the mauler’s 2h model, and redesign it’s nitch completely, making it more like salty’s billhook but shorter. Also tilt the sideplates IN to a V shape instead of an H shape to look more real.

I wish i had a decent chain axe on any of my characters, the RNG beast has not blessed me with one.

I felt like chain axe is a bit awkward for hordes. The lights grabbing is great for a few targets but takes too long when the pressures on, heavy attacks are too diagonal to hit more than a few enemies, the push attack is great but it can’t be your only tool against dense hordes.

I really wanted to like it, but the chain swords easier move set really wins out for me, even though the chain axe has a higher cool factor.

I want to like the chainaxe, but I don’t. Feel like it’s got too much mass for a 1h, the chain as depicted wouldn’t work, and the outside is constructed in such a way as to make it not an axe, but a hammer.

Now, chain weapons are kind of -goofy- as a concept. Just weird ideas to start with, but I really, really think I’ve worked out some ways they could actually function really well and mostly fit the w40k lore.

For the axe…
Step one, make the axe two handed. Two, make the whole thing narrow by moving the side plates in to remove empty space. Extend the striking surface to be much longer. 3. Actual use like Saltpyre’s billhook special attack with slicing/hooking/dragging attacks, not impact blows like a regular axe.

Hitting like a regular axe would have a lot of functional problems.

Really think we could design these things as really effective weapons while keeping to the lore if we put the effort in.

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Could also widen the cutting edge of the teeth to cover the width of the head, although that may look pretty strange

The stop of the normal attacks on enemies kills you faster than you kill them all to me so I have stopped using the 485 something chain axe I have.

All in all the chain sword (something is missing to make that one interesting) / chain axe (kills you with its stops) and eviscerator (ok ish I guess) feel more like role play and lip service when you can simply take a MK V axe (terrible cleave) and tear through with that beauty.

I think it would, but I’ve seen a chainsword designed that way, in the opening animation for Dawn of war2.

The chainsword is a bit of a pet idea to me. I wrote more then it seems like anyone else wants to read speculating on what a chainsword could be… but the tldr is that a chainsword would work IRL if you designed it right, and the biggest problem with it is the shelf on either side of the chain which would stop it going in. A chainsaw has a chain wider then the bar the chain rides on. A chainsword could have side plates as shown, but they should be as narrow behind the chain as possible and sort of merge with the chain. A V shape with the chain at the tip of the point.

Fat Shark is actually already doing that with the swords, but they could go a lot further. You could narrow them a lot just by removing empty space.

Oh, here is the chainsword from dawn of war 2 and a couple of chainsword diagrams from the internet.

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