Chain-weapons don't all feel quite right

The Chain-Axe, of the two i’ve tried being a Veteran Marksman, feels more what i’d expect the Chain-sword, with it’s light attack being a short sawing in to the enemy that feels quick enough to be a light but still a good hit, whereas the Chain-sword just feels like the Chain-Axe heavy in that you are just whacking the enemy with it instead of using it’s sawing capacity.

I would personally reccomend either change it so that the Chainsword special will last for multiple light swings like with the Powersword, or make the lights and heavies saw in to the enemy a little.
I acknowledge that would reduce it’s ability to cleave, so maybe the heavy should be like the Chainaxe in that you just bonk the enemy with it, whacking maybe three or so enemies with it unless you have it active?

Looking at some videos, the light attacks with the Eviscerator seem to suffer from the same lack of sawing on a light, so again i reccomend either change the Two-handed Chainsword special so it will last for multiple light swings like with the Powersword, or else add some sawing to the lights.

With the Las-weapons it makes a small amount of sense that i need to turn it on, but with the bolter and the auto-guns it just makes it look like either the devs or the character doesn’t realise that cocking a fully loaded gun will eject ammo, and considering the depth of reload being step by step and recalled when switching back to a ranged weapon, this feels like a purposeful slow-down in an otherwise great game.