Chain weapon and thunder hammer feedback

Overall chain weapons are very strong, a massive improvement from closed beta. However, i have a bunch of small criticisms despite my fellings being overall pretty positive.

-the rev up weapon special can be followed up by heavy and light attacks that both do the same thing, its just the heavy attack does more damage. The difference in damage is large enough that you would almost never use the light special due to breakpoints. There needs to be some sort of differentiation between light and heavy special. Eviscerator already has this with the revved up heavy cleaving chaff before hitting an elite, but it also has the problem of the light special being much less useful. This feels the worst on thunder hammer where the havy special dies so much more damage you feel robbed when you use the light special.

-regular chainsword while far better than closed beta is missing the sauce that the eviscerator and chain axe have. What i mean by this is is the eviscerator and chain axe both have attacks that activate the chainsaw without using the weapon special. I think the chainsword should have some attacks that do this too.

-chain axe lights while satsfying i feel dont do enough damage for the animation and dodge lock they have.

-hitboxes of chain axe heavies feel really wierd and imprecise. They feel like they have much shorter range than they should.

-there is a longer delay between weapon special activation and attacking when using the eviscerator, chain axe, and thunder hammer compared to the regular chainsword. It makes the weapon special feel more sluggish when using these weapons.

-thunder hammer lights should do more armor damage and pierce carapace armor. Its the reverse of v2 currently which makes no sense to me.

-thunder hammer recovery on weapon special feels worse than chain weapons. Since the damage is delivered instantly it makes sense to gave this recoil animation to balance it out with chain weapons. While chain weapons do lock you in place, at least you can dodge as soon as you are done chewing through an enemy. With thunder hammer you are just stuck in place while nothing is happening. I see no reason you shouldnt be able to dodge during the recoil animation. Its fine to allow no upper body movement, but i think we should be able to dodge.

-thunder hammer crit multiplier is to low so it feels less impactful to do a zealot charge into weapon special when compared to chain weapons.

-i have had issues with hit detection with every weapon type, but it especially sucks when my revved up chain weapon chews into nothing and i am animation locked.

I have only the pleasure of enjoying the chainsword on the Veteran right now, as chainaxe is cool but perhaps too dangerous for the Vet. Although might be somewhat viable with a mobile torrent laser build with lots of ammo

And I would like the big weapons to be satisfying. I want to be able to use the Chainaxe. I intend to level Zealot when I have time to, expressly for these weapons