Eviscerator weak initial hit still wastes Zealot bonus

The Eviscerator’s activation’s strange trait of hitting an enemy for a tiny amount of damage before hitting him for the saw and rip damage figures causes it to waste the +25% damage bonus from a Zealot’s charge. Rather than gaining +25% damage to the whole activation attack, one gets +25% damage on the weak initial hit only, which translates in practice to turning 3 damage into 5 damage.

The Eviscerator interaction with Zealot charge should be revised so that all damage dealt from an activation attack is increased 25%.


Agreed it’s unintuitive. Are you aware of the work around where you activate Ult right after the rev attack lands?

And you still don’t report it as a bug.

Let me help.

“The Eviscerator should be revised.”


The 2 handed heavy chainsword, chain axe and the light rev and rev pushattack for chainsword all share this behavior but 1h chainsword Heavy Rev does not.

There is no eviscerator in darktide.


The more I look at the eviscerator, the more I’m convinced that it just needs a new MK. When your best move chain is heavy - quick swap - quick swap - repeat, something’s wrong.

Base damage on a giant slow 2h heavy chainsword being less than the 1h normie axe will never not offend. Regardless of having a touch higher base cleave.

Also the eviscerator isn’t in the game because the heavy chainsword doesn’t have a powerfield over its blades. The eviscerstor, when it is one day added to darktide, is part power weapon and part chain weapon and hits roughly as hard as a thunder hammer in human hands.

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To be fair I don’t think I’ve ever seen official GW art of an Eviscerator that has a visible glowing effect on the teeth. I think the lore reason for that is that it’s a weaker, more unstable power field than more traditional Power Weapons?

I would be fine if it doesn’t have a visible one in Darktide, but I would like one that is the appropriate size and feel.

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