Heavy Eviscerator activated Light Strikedown very weak

Issue Description:

The Zealot’s Heavy Eviscerator activated Light strikedown attack seems to be missing the last portion of its damage or its been scaled way down. It’s currently very weak, against some weak spots it’s weaker than just hitting the normal strikedown. I can’t speak for the other Light attacks but the activated Heavy attacks (Vanguard and Strikedown) seem to be fine.

Steps to Reproduce:

Activate the weapon with special action, hit M1 to do a revved strikedown.

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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Unrevved damage

Revved damage

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yeah it went from like 1200-1300 damage to 120 on carapace. I think they messed up


yeah it’s unusable on carapace now, please fix it asap


I can confirm this bug as well. It seems like every step towards a good eviscerator results in 2 unintentional steps back…


I’m saddened every time the game designers nerf weapons in ways that contradict the lore and setting. I understand the balance argument, but my suspension of disbelief and immersion into the game suffers when I see a two-handed chainsaw that ought to cut a heretic in half leaving them standing instead.

I think that at some point, balance becomes more of a detriment than a benefit. With the Eviscerator, we’ve crossed that line.

I do not think this was addressed in yesterday’s hotfix.

No, nothing has been addressed.

There are still only 6 bleed stacks instead of the previous 12, and the announced 16.

The revved light attack does essentially as much damage as a heavy attack.

The Eviscerator has been nerfed. No communication about it.

it’s been acknowledged. there’s no way it’s a balance change, it would be noted otherwise. the revved version does less than the normal hit, it’s very clearly missing the big damage portion at the beginning of the attack, just be chill and I’m sure they’ll take care of it soon. regressions happen.

There are many things that go unmentioned when they change them, sometimes it’s the result of some other thing being adjusted and they didn’t know it would affect something else, other times they just don’t tell the CM/us.

The ones that comes to mind was the veteran talent numbers change in the original patch 15 notes and more recently, the kickback has been reverted back to minimum pellet hit count of 12 from 16 and no mention of that either.