Quick Eviscerator Fix

While a more in-depth for the Eviscerator is probably needed, I have this small and quick suggestion to hold us over in the meantime.

Have the Eviscerator, while activated, able to penetrate Bulwark Shileds and do some damage still. This would also add more value to its bleed effect.

You can deal with them pretty well if you just rev, bait an attack then launch a heavy while sliding round behind them during their attack.

My biggest problem with Evic is its poor damage cleave for its speed and the fact it’s basically a damn greatsword. I don’t think it would be unreasonable for it to at least damage past the 3rd target hit in the cleave with all its sweep attacks.

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Things can get bad if a Bulwark, or two, or three, catch you in a corner. Yeah grenades help, but not always.
This would also make the heavy swing while reved up even more effective on the shields.

The biggest problem is Eviscerator has no useful niche, and giving it a niche without making the heavy sword or axe useless.

I don’t know about no niche. It’s a good elite deleter for sure, even Crushers with Ult, and has the luxury of cleaving through most things on its way to the elite you want dead. It kinda feels like a less sweaty T Hammer to me in most skirmishes. It definitely still handles hordes noticeably better than Hammer despite being on the low end of horde DPS compared to most weapons.

The flip side of having barely any damage blessings is that it doesn’t really need much to get close to its max potential while similar single target deleters like Chaxe and Hammer are looking for specific blessing combos to approach their potential. I like that accessibility aspect of it.

Hence I’d mostly just like it to clear trash a little faster and it’d feel very solid to me at that point.

I agree with you. I also want its light attacks to not sound and feel like.

I think its base damage should be higher. I know i argue this for a lot of weapons and i know balance is a thing but it should be clearing the 300 damage threshold with no modifiers. I want poxwalkers to die on heavy swings to the giant, kinda slow, 2 handed chainsword

I would be opposed to this. Yes it would be good but it feels wrong to have ogryn with tank plate shields getting cut through like this. Maybe instead of that we just need to make the eviscerator a bit better.

Maybe when they bring in the real, proper, chainsaw grip eviscerator (with optional combi-flamer) then it can clear the 300 damage breakpoint.

It’ll deal 100 damage per heavy swing and you’ll like it.

This man wants to have a few words with you…

I feel like in general the thing should at the very least cleave crowds as well as the PS/Illisi does now, the zealot is a melee character and does not have any weapons with that kind of horde clearing potential

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50 damage per swing.


The evisc is so fun and visceral but yeah, it’s output is less than satisfying compared to some other options. Having it buffed would probably make me go back to give my zealot some time


Let me introduce myself


Noooooooooooo thank you. It’s already a good weapon . Don’t goddamn break the thing. It’s meant to be a single target weapons primarily, there absolutely should be a trade off for one shotting Damnation muties and Crushers.

Just tweak its horde damage up a little or at least make the first target hit by heavy sweep take much more damage because it is pretty unsatisfying to heavy a lone poxwalker and see them just shrug it off.

But yeah I was using Evic again just yesterday and I think it’s mostly in a good place, just minor tweaks to improve the feel in some places.


Isn’t that what the thunder hammers are for though?
It seems like all zealot has are single target damage weapons, as a melee class I would expect a bit more…

As I say in my post much earlier in this thread, T Hammer, Chaxe, and Evic are all primarily single target weapons with their cleave, horde damage, control, mobility, and boss damage tweaked differently differentiating them from one another.

Its main selling points over T Hammer are lack of blessing requirement, better though still kinda bad horde damage, better mobility, (at the price of worse impact and much much much less Unyielding damage). It’s just a bit snappier and safer to use as well.

You might not like that and say you’d rather Evic not be single target focused, but the reality is that it currently can one shot almost every special and elite on Damn, so if we want it having a focus on something other than single target damage we are heading into full rework territory.

T Hammer and Evic are single target focused with their other stats and strengths tuned quite differently as pointed out above. Then of course there is heavy sword, arguably the best horde clearer in the game as well as a top pick for maniac and flak (exception of maulers since head shots matter quite a lot for it) deletion.

If you want a jack of all trades weapon that is neither as good at horde clear nor maniac killing as heavy sword, and not as good at single target as either Evic or T Hammer you always have Caxe and Taxe.

I don’t think the Evi is single target focused at all. Its a heavy sweeping weapon with decent cleave and a special heavy 1 that specifically cleaves harder instead of catching. Its entire problem is not having +Power blessings or dealing adequate damage sufficient to make up for the lack of those blessings.

And paddle like light attacks that disappoint on audio.

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It’s pretty good crowd control but still pretty poor horde DPS. Meanwhile special heavy auto latches and one shots most elites. In terms of where its main damage output lies yeah it’s definitely single target focused. It’s kind of a middle ground weapon due to stagger cleave but you are mostly slapping a horde around or trying to cleave through them to pick out the elites.

That’s just because the weapon is pretty weak currently, even compared to the thunder hammer which would fall into the same category based on your description.

For elites, it doesn’t one-shot heavies including both ragers, the mauler, and does pretty meh dps against crushers. It also doesn’t kill mutants. This doesn’t happen even with +25% damage boost (although the headshot does clear armored rager with it).

Design-wise it looks like an immobile all-arounder damage option for Zealot. Performance wise evis is usable, but it’s currently way below the curve. It should have better clear (but not as good as the nimble HS), a better single target, and all this with pretty low mobility (it’s already there).

It should feel like it’s the heaviest, deadliest, and bloodiest piece of weapon ever wielded.

I’d also increase the hit mass of infested against chain weapons in general, not to nerf them but to emphasize a pretty thematical downside (getting it stuck in pox walker hordes).

Adding just baseline bleed to the weapon would also be fine, even if it would probably be overpowered (but it would be super thematical).

That category being a single target oriented weapon? I mean yeah?

I agree it’s a bit under tuned overall. I have a very good one with Savage, Rampage, and carapace + maniac perks. It seems to pretty reliably one shot elites out of hordes for me probably due to rampage being active commonly in those situations. For mutants with Ult it’s a one shot. For crushers if you use the Ult after connecting the revved heavy technique it’s incredibly close to one shotting them. A stack or 2 of Martyrdom pushes it over into one shot territory.

So at least with the one I’ve been using my assessment of its main strengths seems pretty accurate. Again I do agree it could use slightly tuning up, heavy sweep should reliably kill the first poxwalker cleaved (if only for the visual satisfaction of seeing enemies cut in half more reliably), and what is essentially a greatsword having bad damage cleave and a 3 target limit on what gets damaged feels pretty wrong. I’m personally satisfied with its single target potential so any nudges upwards for horde clear would be welcome for me.

Seeing as bleed is pretty garbage damage on most things that aren’t unyielding I can’t see how it’d be overpowered. It would contribute somewhat to dealing with dense hordes mostly just because with Savage you hit a lot of things without damaging them per swing, so some damage is obviously more than none. I’d prefer the damage cleave was just addressed directly, though in built bleed could certainly be some fun flavour for the weapon.