The Eviscerator could feel better

So, I played my Zealot up to around level 20 now, trying out multiple Eviscerators. After all that I have a bit of feedback to give. I’ll try to keep it short and put stuff into perspective after playing other classes.

To start off, why is it so small? Vermintide had the Greatsword and that felt like a Greatsword. The Eviscerator is quite a bit smaller. Illustrations of Eviscerators and Eviscerators on Figurines feel a lot bigger and I was really hoping for the Eviscerator in this game to also feel massive. But it just feels like a 20% bigger chainsword.

And it kind of plays like a sligthly bigger chainsword, too.
While the Eviscerator has a few Perks that make it Cleave pretty good, it still does not compare to the Power-Sword or other weapons that come with huge Cleave out of the box. The Eviscerator starts in the ballpark of under 3 Cleave, meaning a Heavy Attack does not penetrate 3 Units of Enemy. And with a bit of math, I end up at ~9 Cleaved Units, on 80% rolls with two Cleave Perks.
The Power-Sword minimum Cleave, on powered attacks, is 8. And it’s not available for the “Melee Class”. And sometimes it feels like an Ogryn with a knife that rolled high in Penetration could do better than an Eviscerator, even on Bosses.

And last but not least, a problem that a few chainweapons face: The chain-lock. If you rev up the chain, your next attack will lock you in an animation while you saw into an enemy. While satisfying in it’s own way, it leaves you completely open for attacks. Maybe add a little suppression area around it, so enemies can’t just wail on you?

So my pleads are:

-Make the Eviscerator bigger, maybe give it more reach, hell, just introduce a new one that is bigger if you have to and balance that one.
-Make the Cleave more satisfying. Stopping after 2 Units hit. when you first try it out, does not feel great at all. Espacially since a powersword starts with more.
-Give chainweapons an easier way to deal with the animation lock while sawing into an enemy, maybe add a low radius of suppression around them.

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