Eviscerator Powerbuff Request: Time to Show Some Love!

Alright, let’s cut straight to the chase. I’ve got a bone to pick with the current sorry state of the Eviscerator, one of the most iconic 40k weapons. Seriously, it’s about time we give this classic bad boy the attention it deserves. Just take a look at what they did with the Thunder Hammer - it got a buff, and rightfully so! Now it’s time for the Eviscerator to shine again!

Here’s my pitch for a powerbuff that’ll put the Eviscerator back on the map. You know that special attack? Yeah, the one that sticks to enemies like glue? Well, it’s high time we reduce the duration of that stickiness. I mean, come on, it’s dragging on for way too long! We need to be nimble, quick, and efficient in combat, not stuck swinging at thin air while some pox hound jumps us from behind. So, let’s trim down that stick time and make the Eviscerator feel slick and responsive, more like the THammer post buff.

And let’s not forget about those poxwalkers, the weakest scum in the game. It takes us up to three body shots on damnation just to put 'em down! That’s some serious overkill, don’t you think? So, my proposal is simple: give the Eviscerator a damage boost specifically against poxwalkers or infested. They deserve to be chopped and diced in a more timely fashion, and we’ll be all the more satisfied for it.

But wait, there’s more! How about a little something to reward our accuracy? I’m talking about a boost to headshot damage. Think about it - being able to one-shot weaker enemies with a well-aimed strike to the noggin. It’s the kind of satisfaction that keeps us coming back for more!

I’m just asking for a bit of love for our trusty Eviscerator. It’s an visceral, badass weapon, undeserving of being overshadowed by a mere one-handed axe! Open for any other suggestions!


Just adding some volume to your thread.


I would be happy with just the multiplier value edits, which are extremely easy to implement.
Your idea though sounds like a dream come true, especially with a second more lore accurate version!


One thing I discovered recently that is relevant to your feedback is that specifically when swinging the Chainsword Heavy attack + Rev - the chainsword deals like 200~ on the first tick of Shred damage. Whereas all the other chain rev attacks deal like…1-20 damage or so. I am very used to the time cost and safety investment of chain weapon shreds and have no problem with them. But imagine if you dealt a full shredd damage tick on hit with the Evsicerator. This would naturally shorten the effect especially against lighter enemies. Rather than a full 3 ticks of damage to kill a bruiser (a long time) it would be only 2 and that would feel no longer than a light attack on the chain axe which is extremely manageable. Also please keep in mind that depending on the state of the latch you can block cancel. I haven’t worked out exactly when it is and isn’t permitted but sometimes it can be.

Anyway, just very in favor of a buff to this iconic weapon so Iwanted to add whatever weight I could to your thread on it.


Thank you for sharing your insights and shRedding some light on the Chainsword Heavy attack.

I do really appreciate your support for a buff to this iconic weapon and for adding your weight to the discussion. The Eviscerator truly deserves some love and attention to restore its rightful place as a formidable and satisfying choice on the battlefield.

Let’s continue advocating for a buff that will make the Eviscerator an even more visceral and badass weapon!

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Would also help, if the eviscerator actually damaged all the enemies that it cleaves.
This would increase damage output directly as well as increasing the usefulness of the bloodletter blessing, which only activates on enemies damaged (although the blessing claims to tirgger on hit).


Totally agree! the Eviscerator has way too many redundant, useless and broken blessings that need a fix or rework. The initial strikedown light attack animation also has some issues connecting with the head (perhaps due to the length of the weapon?) I do wonder whether the final Eviscerator should be slightly more focused at horde clear or single target damage though…

Anyways, thanks for adding your thoughts on the matter!

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Everytime I put a “+ 25% vs smthing” perk on my eviscerator/heavy chainsword it becomes decent vs this type of armor. Only problem is that you only have 2 perks slots :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Always sucks vs poxwalkers no matter what


  • +20/25% overall base damage increase (like you have +20/25% dmg perks on everything)
  • double that for the “infested” armor type (so +40/50%)

There ya go! Perfection! That’s all it needs :smiley:

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That’s kinda untrue and kinda my problem with the weapon. +25% doesn’t get you breakpoints on elites.

Yes, please.

I actually like that chained weapons aren’t that good against pox walkers, it’s an identifiable and pretty thematical weakness for chain weapons to get stuck in the half-rotting totally not zombies.

All chain weapons need it. But yes, using the Evisc almost exclusively for my Zealot and than taking it into Damnation was so incredibly disappointing. Was a bit sad and confused that the latest update didn’t include ANY balance changes.


Curious, it does for me, you mind sending a screenshot of your eviscerator stats? :thinking:

On mine iirc (body hits, no stacks of martyrdom/rising conviction):
edit: I just went in the meatgrinder to verify those

+20/25% flak - 1 shot scab ragers with ult + heavy revved attack
- 1 shot shotgunners on flak parts with 1 light revved attack
- also helps against reapers but don’t remember the exact numbers
- 1 shot dreg gunners on flak parts with 1 heavy revved attack
- 2 shots mauler on flak parts with 1 heavy revved + 1 light revved attacks

+20/25% unarmored: - 1 shot dreg gunners on unarmored parts with 1 heavy revved attack
- 1 shot shotgunners on unarmored parts with 1 light attacks

+20% maniacs - 1 shot dreg ragers with ult + heavy revved attack
2 shot mutants with 1 revved heavy + 1 normal heavy
1 shot mutants with ult + heavy revved attack
1 shot flamers with normal heavy 2
1 shot trappers with 1 light revved attack

+20% unyielding - helped against bullwarks but also don’t remember the exacts numbers

+20% carapace - 2 shot crushers with ult + 1 revved heavy followed by normal heavy

Of course with martyrdom/rising conviction a lot of those breakpoints are reached! Also if I can hit weakspots, but I struggle doing consistent headshots on eviscerators


Okay, there is something very fing strange going on. I could have sworn it wasn’t one-shot muties before and it still doesn’t… Unless you are running Rising Conviction.

Currently, it seems Rising Conviction gains stacks from ult, and it wasn’t getting any before.

I’m not going to test every enemy with and without Rising Conviction, but I think that could be a difference.

Feel free to test it yourself, and maybe write a bug report about it.

New Patch = New bugs.

You can have the mutant one shot if you wait until the latching has occured and then press F, which makes the ult revving attack do more damage on the eviscerator and chainaxe (it has to do with the first sawing tick doing very little damage on those two, whereas the chainsword revving deals good damage upfront). Look on the video I don’t have rising conviction:



For the roaring chain greatsword it’s supposed to be, the Evis is, well, a bit limp…
It feels really bad to H1 through a solid pack of trash, knock down 5-6, and have 4 of them stand back up…

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more like have 5-6 of them stand back up ;__;


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