Everytime you fix stuff, it leads us closer to a crafting rework

Every time you fix things or make the systems better, you are shining more of a spotlight on why crafting is a joke and it needs a rework and that is why the game is bleeding players. It is why patch 13 had 33k+ peak players on steam and now we are back down below 18k, because you add cool weapons that no one can use because crafting them consumes all our resources and can still not result in a weapon we like for our build. You improved the builds to vary playstyles but we can’t get blessings to complement those playstyles, the minimum playability goes up but retention stays low because everyone hits their “screw this” breaking point. I made a crafting post in gameplay issues and making this one here too, just so it pops up in your feed more. Fatshark, this has been a problem since Patch 4, why are you ignoring us?


Welcome to the fight

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You should definitely keep making new topics on this subject every 2 hours until they fix it!

And the average concurrent players on Steam in October was 16.8k, November 13.5k, last 30 days 13.4k. Not too shabby for what’s looking like the best 3 consecutive months for a Tide game ever.

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if you count 3k player loss(almost 20%) in 40ish days(end of October would be where the average comes from, it was far more at the start of patch 13) good then ok, it only continues to fall.

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When December is over, I’m pretty confident I’ll count it as “the best 3 consecutive months for a Tide game ever.”

If that what it takes, we will make it. Some of us fight this RNG idiocy since BETA. Not becasue we hate the game but becasue we know what it could have been and we want it to be better game.

In the end all the power is on Fatshark side. All we can do is voice our opinions and feedback and since this is the only influence we have - we will spam it till this game changes or dies. Dying is way more probable becasue Fatshark has very good record of tanking their games by not listening to feedback. Since their first game release ever. We can only hope they will break the cycle this time.


Your sarcasm aside that is actually the solution.

Tell me this: Why did they rework the veteran twice in such a short amount of time?

A: Because FS closely listens to feedback and immediately acts on it
B: They realized they made a mistake, twice
C: People kept spamming the everloving fkk out of reddit and FS forums

Protip: There’s only one correct answer.


How is that anything but sad though? The playerbase bounced back enough that even bleeding players its still the best its ever been, if only for a few months.

See, you know how it works.

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What is this based on exactly? The Tide games are pretty niche multiplayer skill-based PvE games, but VT2 has maintained a core group of players for years now. It’s apparently been enough of a success that the studio has continued to grow while only selling classes and cosmetics. And FS’s trajectory inspired enough confidence for outside investment to want in on it. Seems like they’ve got something figured out.

And in my opinion, the talent trees are a perfect example of them understanding their audience.

It was unfinished when they initially "re"worked it (with the talent tree launch), and then they released the full thing (with keystones) and then a balance pass to fix the obvious inflexibility. If they’d have listened to many in the community, we wouldn’t even have these 3 keystones.

But Fatshark listens to feedback (they always have), and they see the hard numbers that we can only guess at (like how many people are using Disrupt Destiny?!). But that doesn’t mean they’re going to give the community everything they want (eg. 14k aquilas, all of the premium cosmetics available at once) exactly when they want it.

I think we’re on an upward trajectory. Faster updates, more substantial updates (talent trees, stimms, 3 maps in a month’s time), and I even believe we’re getting a full crafting rework soon. But the latter has yet to be proven!

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Even so there’s nothing wrong with asking for the most agreed upon “worst part of the game,” to be fixed.


Yes, I agree. We need Koranthus02 to post these topics literally every two hours.

I can join in if you think it would help!

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It’d at least add some variety!

Upwards in everything except actual players to pay for the game.

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I dunno, have you tallied the Xbox players?

The problem is Fatshark hasn’t said anything on crafting since it was implemented so we can’t prove anything, that’s kind of the point, they are going to keep bleeding players because the bad crafting system and no communication.


Can’t track Gamepass numbers unless you are microsoft and even if they relayed that number theres no way to tell how many stuck around. Which is widely known, therefore a convenient bucket to drop into of “oh maybe we have players on xbox”, but that argument goes both ways.

You could join in if you believed in this game as much as you claim, couldn’t hurt to stoke the fire that may or may not exist.

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If you set aside the many many changes around crafting/economy (improved lock flexibility, better shop spawns, better material drop rates, shared wallets, etc.) and Catfish acknowledging the frustrations and internal discussions about crafting, I suppose I can agree that they haven’t said much.

Again, I point to the talent trees. I think FS is just chugging along in submarine mode. If they announce some potential changes, those changes will be mercilessly ripped apart (see the Vet keystones) and then held to every possibly interpretation (see the 11/22 crafting blog). Better to just make it a surprise. The forums will burn no matter what.

What do you think I’m doing bumping this topic of yours? :stuck_out_tongue: