Patches 13 and 14 highlight how gross and awful the crafting system still is

And every single new content update is going to highlight that too, by the way. Every patch is going to continue to paint Darktide and Fatshark in a confusing and malicious light, on multiple fronts.

1.) Balance changes to weapons and blessings. Fatshark is essentially asking us to purchase weapons and blessings not with money, but with time. Players will feel, rightfully, shortchanged when they grind for something just to have it nerfed out from underneath them.

2.) Content additions. If Fatshark adds new blessings or weapons, we have to go back and grind again. We don’t get to experience new content when it is deployed into the game, we get to experience it if we get lucky on a slot machine pull. The Mission Board is bad enough, but that crafting system is even worse. Yeah, we have Brunt’s, but that’s functionally just adding a knee brace to a broken limb. It helps a little, but the solution you’ve given us to the slot machine problem is another slot machine. C’mon, man.

3.) Any other content. Y’know what the biggest problem with the new skill trees is? You might say “Veteran’s is obviously unfinished and Fatshark is pretending it isn’t,” which is true, but I’d argue that the worse knockback effect is that these trees make the crafting system look absolutely disgusting by comparison. Here we are with two halves of a progression system that operate on entirely different principles: one allows for creative freedom of player expression and the other is expressly designed to limit experimentation and waste our time. The disparity makes me depressed.

Fatshark, your crafting system is a dead albatross around your neck. It doesn’t matter if you help me with a spare tire, take care of my kids, or offer to pay for the whole dinner date if you bring the rotting corpse of a bird with you everywhere you go, including when I let you into my house. When you ask to be let in to my house.

Eventually, again, for like the fourth time, I’m gonna ask you to leave. Because that bird just rots, and rots, and rots and other friends of mine have decided not to wear a decaying bird carcass to dinner, or to spend their time with somebody who will. Please, change your crafting system. Give me a reason not to be embarassed when I invite my friends to meet you.



Despite all the good changes that have come to the game over the past year, I’m refusing to update my review to positive until there is a substantive change to the crafting system that accomplishes the following:

  • Gives players a way to remove locks (even if just temporarily using Diamantine for example)

  • Reduces the overall cost of upgrading items to orange (eg reduce the total plasteel cost for all four upgrades to around 50%)

If Fatshark is planning a bigger crafting update, addition of red items, or whatever else - that’s great, but we need a short-term measure to hold us over until that arrives.

@FatsharkCatfish I know you’ve conveyed this before to the dev team (and thank you), but the devs seriously need to know that the locks and stinginess of crafting resources is really holding this game back for a lot of people. Leadership over there needs to know that people continue to be tired of this. As said by the OP, it’s an albatross hanging around the neck of the game.

Fix crafting (providing a short term fix if needed) and people will start singing this games praises.


If the devs would find a game design argument helpful here, consider this: lots of effort is being spent on balance and opening up new build options - including a ton of effort invested in refining weapon and blessing balance. Leaving aside the issue of balance changes nerfing gear players grinded for (a real feel bad situation), by having the locks and limited amount of resources the system is literally preventing players from experimenting with and enjoying the new changes you are making. Changing Balance IS new content when it gets people to try other weapons and options. But if people have to spend hours and hours grinding on “old, tired gear” to maybe get something new worth trying they will get discouraged and won’t try out and play with all the new options available. They’ll burn out again first. The system is literally undermining its own gameplay loop.


Their systems also undermine any and all new content they bring in.



The thing I keep harping on too is that if players had a way to remove locks, it’s not like Fatsharks RNG-heavy design would go away. There is still a ton of grind and spending of resources just to find all the blessings at the highest tier or to find weapons with slightly better stats/distribution to but your earned blessings on. So if Fatshark wants to retain some RNG-induced hunting, that will still be there even if locks are removed. The locks are such a hinderance to fun.


It’s not even like they necessarily 100% need to remove the locks. They can approach the problem from many angles if they want to. Players just need more ways to mitigate the RNG. Or for the costs of resources to go down and availability of items to go up. Or even some alternate way of progressing. Or any number of other solutions.

But something about the current system has to give because it is not functional. You can’t have a $1000 minimum bet roulette table that pays out like a $25 minimum bid table. The psychology doesn’t work.


The inability to rapidly try out new equipment loadouts is crippling this game horribly.

To use an example, Deep Rock Galactic lets you configure your character any which way, and I will often play several missions in a row for no other reason than to test drive my new equipment and see if it works better than what I was running before. Darktide has none of that, because of the locks the only way we can iterate items is to grind RNG until it spits out an unlocked version of the same items we already have. Only then can we compare the two.

They seem to be ultra focused on implementing repeated grinds over the same limited content to keep player metrics up without realizing that they turn away the majority of players because they’re not any fun. Gear customization is where it’s at. Look at any MMO and see the absurd amount of time (and money!) people will spend dressing up their characters, that requires both selection and quality, something darktide currently lacks in spades.


This is not your problem, and to everyone who thinks the same, this is not the problem

You want locks removed, because you want to handpick the only two or three viable options

The problem is not the locks on their own, the problem is the fact that most of what you can roll, traits or blessings, is pure garbage

Stop asking for locks to be removed so everyone can make exactly the same reddit weapon, ask for all traits and blessings to be interesting instead, and then asking for more control over customization instead of playing slots will actually make sense

This hits hard.


Does it really matter the order this happens in? I agree BOTH should happen (how many people intentionally use more sprint speed on a ranged weapon?) And perks and blessings should be balanced for interesting choices with pros and cons (I would even be happy with ones that had downsides. 100% more damage but 50% reduced rate of fire for example) but either way people want some progressive or reasonable way to achieve a specific end goal.


That’s what live service game design gets you. Timesink BS.

The sad thing is that if whoever designed what we have now actually had bothered to learn from the big bad grifts of the industry (Mihoyo, Riot, etc.) they could actually have something that didn’t feel like ass to engage with but still achieves their design intent.

I’d h8 the system still, but it would still be better than what we have now.


Why not both.


[quote=“muscarine, post:7, topic:84729”] The problem is not the locks on their own, the problem is the fact that most of what you can roll, traits or blessings, is pure garbage

Stop asking for locks to be removed so everyone can make exactly the same reddit weapon, ask for all traits and blessings to be interesting instead, and then asking for more control over customization instead of playing slots will actually make sense

The problem is that Fatshark has been in repair mode for so long and they’re so poor at balance that I think they aren’t actually gonna hit the balance they need without us. VT2 feels good because somebody put together a balance overhaul mod and Fatshark adopted it. Patch 13’s balance changes came after a lot of player feedback and community testing with hardcore Tide fans and community members.

I don’t trust Fatshark to actually balance blessings (or anything else, tbh) without the community, and I don’t trust the community to be able to offer any worthy opinion while all of us are artificially timegated away from experimenting with builds in the first place.

Improving and balancing all of these blessings is gonna lead, wholesale, into Issue #1 up in the OP en masse. Let’s take one of Mezmorki’s ideas and implement a proper short term fix first.


Honestly… who gives a krak? If everyone is running around with the same damn meta weapons AND HAVING FUN why the hell does that matter?

Moreover, balance changes WILL happen to shake things up and players will switch gear around. Or heaven for bid balance is improved and there are a bunch of good meta options at any given point.

But seriously, people choosing to run a meta build is what’s going to happen with or without locks. Only difference is that with locks some players get randomly screwed out of their ticket to the show and get frustrated. How is that good for anyone, Fatshark included?


The thing that still blows my incomparable mind is fatshark manged to create a crafting system were you can brick weapons.

Just think about that


I dont even need to read all that to know I agree.


totally agree, had friends come back and try it out, the skill tress are great but the damn crafting still SUCKS to put it as nicely as I can


The crafting station needs a bit more neon and colours for what it truly represents:



The crafting part of the game is really pulling the overall experience down.
The RNG gambling aside…
Why can’t I spend resources to raise a percentage stat?
Why can’t I scrap weapons for resources?


That’s literally what i’m saying, but one has to come first or it doesn’t make sense, and that’s not what you guys are asking for

Then you don’t need a crafting system altogether, just ask for ready made weapons and remove stats altogether

Me, i want the system and i want it to make actual sense

What most of you are asking for is just silly and doesn’t address the root of the issue at all

Yea i agree, hence why we need to be asking carefully formulated requests

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