Engineer's Crank Gun won't switch to melee

It doesn’t happen all the time, but relatively often if I’m shooting with the crankgun using RMB (alt fire) the game sometimes doesn’t register a switch to melee (pressing Q, the fast-swap).

A friend of mine told me it works all the time by pressing 1 or 2, selecting melee or range weapon respectively, but I really don’t want to use those buttons. I think I might even have disabled those, as sometimes I’d hit them by accident and that’s often fatal.

Is there any chance of getting a fix for this? I’ve seen it quite often since I started playing Engi for real, and it can be brutal, as you’d often try the swap right before a boss hits you.


Might not have priority over LMB and RMB :sweat_smile:

I have the same issue with a lot of classes when trying to quick swap from ranged to melee… this was a problem a while ago aswell but I bet the changes listed above reverted it to the worse.

Same happens when trying to swap weapons with Krubers spear and shield while performing 2nd light attack… can’t even block cancel the attack at the very start when the spear is still out of screen at the lower left corner… might be off-topic since I don’t know if its the same origin of the problem.


Sienna’s staves have this issue as far as I’m concerned, but yes. This should be addressed.

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I’m having problems with fast swap from crankgun too - and on Forgotten Relics weapons especially. Sienna’s staves have had this on and off for quite some time in general.

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