Weapon swap priority

It’s been since launch that Weapon swap has not priority over the block or secondary fire of ranged weapons.

Why hasn’t this changed yet?


I like the way it is now. Feels more realistic, and makes you think twice before you switch to pew pew weapon.

Semi-relevant: The 2h Hammer is one of the only (may actually be the only afaik) melee weapons that can swap to an item/other weapon during the early frames of its push attack. Not even fast weapons like the Rapier can do this.


You cannot think when you need to shot that Special which is going to screw you if you don’t.
Or perhaps you have your ranged weapon out and you need to swap weapons because an enemy just appeared near you.

There’s literally no sense my weapon swapping command is overridden by RMB.

At most, if the weapon swapping is used to gaming the system, they can put a delay in double weapon swapping.

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As a sienna main i can’t agree more on this. I get so much unecessary damage with my staff in hands because of not beeing able to switch to melee and block instandly rather than charging a spell. As unchained this can be especially deadly

I mean yes maybe i should play more carefully but where is the fun in playing sienna if you don’t try to roast as many rasts as possible with fireballs? And to avoid friendly fire it is sometimes necessary to get close to the enemies with a ranged weapon

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