Engineer's career missions (are bad)

I was saying it was a bug that challenges completed on failure

You don’t need to sign up for Twitch to use Twitch mode. All you have to do is put in a streamer’s Twitch handle that’s currently online and you’re set.

I use BobRoss channel because it’s always on. Since no one can vote, the results are completely random.


Good to know.
Guess there goes the last chance of me ever buying this one.
Not even feeling particularly bad about it.


Moreover I will never understand other people’s addiction to hats. This is just dumb.

Sorry, I don’t follow you.
Boring gameplay… It is the same gameplay - you just run normal missions and when you have an opportunity you try to fulfil the requirements…
As I have already mentioned I had completed around 95% of all challenges by just running missions in QP. I never tried finding teams for achievements runs or deeds (it is just impossible with the current chat) I start hosting my QP, and play the mission - sooner or later you’d get the result.
I fail to comprehend how having a hat or a frame of a different colour will affect your gaming experience.

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If they’re planning to keep the 30 direct hits requirement without missing. They could at least make it carry across games, with a counter showing of how many you’ve actually hit before the reset. Again the biggest issue with challenges such as the pistol skin one is do to the bots getting in your way. Which makes it much harder for those who don’t manage to get a full quickplay match, or a dedicated team to help with it.


Yu can get all 30 on War Camp boss or the Gatekeeper on skittergate

Shots against their armour count even if not dealing damage, i did this on champion before he went to 2/3 HP in Gatekeepers case.
On a previous legend run I was doing when just going for the Helmgart legend challenge i got like 20 shots on him and 10 on Deathratller that also counted but a backenf 1011 killed that run i got the 30 shots on.

Did both with bots, had piercing shots on and fairly sure at least 3 shots were FF but they pierced through and connected with boss.

Man I don’t know what I’m doing wrong then. I tried the Halescourge and Nurgoth strats with piercing shot, never getting the quest complete for some reason. In addition I’ve been running weaves farming the rank 1 weave do to the guaranteed Troll spawn on the final. Always making sure to shoot one at a time, get up close after he does a heavy so the shot hits. Pull back and let him regen and for some reason the challenge refuses to complete. Either it’s not do-able in weaves do to coding, or I’m starting to think I’ve somehow genuinely bugged it. Which is a shame, it’s the last major skin I need outside the frames for completion.

Dont use Nurgloth or Halescourge is my advice. Piercing shots going through them due to lack of armour may go through and hit a mob behind the boss which will reset the order. Its easiest on a armoured boss who can be staggered by unchained, WHC and Mercs ults (those are bots i run with all with blacksmith gear and stagger weapon loadouts)

Bomb boss face hug him and shoot hope boss stagger if not re bomb to stagger again and shoot again.
Rinse and repeat.

I’ll keep that in mind for in a few weeks when hopefully people in QP are not playing Bardin so I can get matches to run with folk. I don’t got any pals who play the game so that’s why I decided to take the weave route in a chance to make the challenge easier. Although now you mention that, I take it piercing shot could hypothetically be going through the troll boss and making it count as a miss?

Less that it counts as miss as much more that you hit an enemy behind ruining your “consecutive hits” series. Although this shouldnt be an issue on Nurgloth if he is down after casting the circles (because by that time all hordes should have burned). It only gets tricky if you have to hit him in phase 3.

I did it with Piercing Shot on Nurgloth with RMB fire and it worked. But as said 24 of my 30 shots have been as no enemy aside was around.

Yeah then I’ve got no clue what’s happening my side then. I ran piercing shits on Nurgloth, been running Weaves for the easy trolls. Making sure everything hits and still 0 completion. I’m half tempted to just give up and see if in the future they nerf the requirement, that or just assume the thing’s bugged for me somehow on my end.

Only other thing I can imagine: Friendly Fire? Did you hit a bot in between? I will sure as hell not exclude a bug but challenges usually work reproduceably.

Nurgloth I must’ve hit with FF, thanks to the buts insuring they’d stick to him and getting in the way of fire. But I’ve got no clue what could be the issue in weaves, unless ranked weaves don’t count for the challenge? Given the first weave you can run solo and just kite the Troll and insure you get in close to get your shot in. Which has been my go to method on trying to get this to trigger recently, but I’ve got no confirmation if weaves don’t register OE challenges or not

I would want that the challenges were something hard but fun… a challenge like “hit a jumping Rat Ogre with a bomb” is boring if you try to complete it, or tremendously RNG if you “just run normal missions

Personal opinion, sure.


The thing that i don’t like is the fact that the cosmetics that is what i paid for are loked behind challanghes that may take ages for it unless i try some some cheasy way to trigger. Most of the cosmetic are easly enough obtainable i think only a couple kinda tedius.

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I don’t mind most of his challenges, but some are definitely too grindy.
And the next time FS thinks of adding a leaping ogre challenge, they should remember to fix his behaviour first. It doesn’t jump as much as it should - like VT1 - and even when it does it’s wonky.


This one doesn’t even make sense to me. Everyone here is complaining about the ogre leaps but this one is at a mercy of RNG on a scale of unfairness that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ve been on this for hours using hyper twitch on recruit and the game absolutely refuses to give it to me. What is the deal? Am I literally supposed to keep a special and an elite alive long enough to kill a boss and then both of those without letting go of LMB?

Dude, why? That’s not a challenge that’s just some lottery level shenanigans.


I disagree, there are numerous spots in maps where you can find a boss, and specials and elites can be kited accordingly.

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The final of Dark Omes gives you all three at the same time. No lottery. Just the timing to kill all three of them with the Crank Gun.

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