Engineer's career missions (are bad)

Please for the love of god, play your own game before doing this.

Right now we have “New Career craze”. There are people who will only host. Those who don’t know how to host and will join a game to ruin it because if they can’t play Engineer, no one should.

And on top of that, we got a bunch of Career missions that are deliberately made to upset people unless they are cooperate.

  • Kill Boss, Elite and Special with one Spray of crank gun. Overly specific. Its far too easy to ruin this mission as an ally. It would be better to “Kill every boss with Crank gun”

  • 20 headshots without misses… (I retract this because now people say its 5 headshots and I can’t check it myself because I’ve done it. And I’ve did it before my OPpost.) Still a minor mistake though.

  • Spray Pistol into the boss. Very team dependent. Or boss will die long before you’ll do 30 shots. Also abysmal spread can ruin it even if you shooting downed Troll with your hand literally in his ass.

  • Hit a leaping Ratogre with a bomb. “Leaping Ratogre mission: electric boogaloo”. Literally 90% of people cheesed the first one. They were doing the bell again and again just to make Ratogre to leap. It wasn’t fun. This mission is not fun either.

  • Last-hitting Burblespew Haleluga is random and Cog-hammer is weak against him. Worst thing ever to do. May cause drama and people may leave as hosts. Literally happened to me (Kruber) because Kerrilian decided to be cheeky and screw the Bardin (he was the host).

  • Lesser problem, but Engineers that stuck with their crank gun and refuse to do anything beside shooting it (and dying) are kinda annoying.

My point is that Many of those Missions can be interfered and need to be cheesed to do optimally. That’s, IMHO, not the concept of “fun” many people agree with.

  • Also “Field Trials” (use crank gun only) is badly designed. On the one hand it do not require you to actually use a crank gun. On the other hand it will punish you if you shoot a barrel or casket with a crank gun. So its like a double fail.

Well, I never join anyone, and I don’t let anyone into my game after all. However, I had to disable all mods due to a warning. I play (with big problems due to degraded bots) only in the selected maps.

All these challenges look unpleasant, I agree - I will never forget how I did the challenge “kill the rat ogre in a jump.” It was just that the Screaming Bell played for several months only until it happened by itself.

You can trust me, right now, playing solo is better. Of course, if you actually bought Engineer and doing something related to Engineer.
And if not, you’re syill screwed by pissed off Engi host.


I always play solo for many reasons - ping, a lot of negative co-op experiences and so on. Just letting everyone know how the solo game got worse due bugs and bots AI degradtion.
I bought the engineer instantly, but I haven’t played yet - I also didn’t like some of the challenges. I hope they fix something, I am in no hurry in my private game.

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People getting mad and people cheesing challenges is a player issue not an issue for FS.


I did do these 2 earlier and while the burble is annoying its still pretty doable with just bots alone.
The dam 30 shots tough like holy shi*. In my 15 or so attempts trying it, the bosses simply did not have enough hp to even tank the 30 shots because the dam pistol was doing some much damage.
15 alone would be difficult but 30 without some party setup is going to be hard for a lot of people.

Not exactly. Making game fun for majority of players is FS’s job. So making things that clash with common sense and make netplay worse is not what they want to do.

Also your argument do not hold much water if applied to anything else.


It is fun though. The challenges are more for your solo and group fun if you’re doing it while co-ordinated.

People getting mad because you have to take 1 match to do a challenge or because they failed it is literally not Fatshark’s fault. Unless they can patch in some sort of emotion inhibitor? lol

Why would it make it worse if you just say you’re going to do a challenge?

Also people cheesing is not their fault, because you have a choice to do the challenge properly or to cheese it. People will cheese the easiest challenges just because they can. I doubt it would be in our interest for them to base development time around making people who aren’t interested in doing challenges be forced to do them.


I do not think you understand the issue I have with cheesing or people getting mad.
Also repeating stuff you said do not moving this dialogue further.
I think there is huge difference between missions like “Barrels of fun” and those missions I’ve mentioned but I don’t think you can understand or acknowledge it.
Anyway, your opinion is noted and its “bad take, to make people cringe”. Thank you.


All of these are about people getting mad at the game or at others. These are your words.

There is a difference, but it doesn’t mean people need to get mad and if they do it doesn’t mean the challenges should suddenly be changed.



Your arguments wouldn’t hold much water if you applied them to a debate on the lunar landings.


What it even supposed to mean? Looks like someone’s getting mad. But its not my problem.


I’m mocking this:


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I’m honestly surprised this is a challenge.

Since I’ve played this game, I’ve only seen the rat ogre leap ONCE each time he shows up on the map and that is when he first shows up.

In V1, you could easily trigger the rat ogre to leap multiple times if you were X amount of distance away from him.

I completely gave up on the original challenge here in V2 of kill a rat ogre mid leap because I could never get him to leap again. No matter how coordinated my team was or how close/far away we got, he would only do the slam walk.

I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with his triggers and surprised FS added another challenge despite not fixing the rat ogre.


IMHO missions should be something you can complete either faster by cheesing or slower by normal play.
But there should no reason to go against optimal play or to force something which is not good in QP.

I think you do not understand how “achievements” work, young man, let me explain :smiley:
If your achievement is done 2 hours after the update is out you’re either crazy good (you’re prolly not), or they’ve failed to make it an “achievement”.
You have to achieve an achievement, it does not work otherwise.
It’s like getting the champion’s cup for participation.

I, on the contrary, am glad that FS actually has made challenges that are challenging.
It still wiggles a carrot in front of my face after all those years.
I have over 1k hours, however I have not done all achievements, especially the ones that require team effort. Why? Do I suck at this game? Should I wail at the forums about that and ask the devs to change the requirements so that I would get a cosmetic? Sorry, but I don’t believe that’s the right way. I don’t have these achievements because I’ve been hosting QP games for 2 years. So I’ve been mostly playing with bots or clueless noobs/rushers. Still, I have like 90+% of all challenges done, I’ve almost finished GK as well, too! Against all odds!!
What you should do is find some acquaintances who are like-minded and go cheese the maps together to get the useless frame.
But, frankly, what you should really do is just enjoy the chase - it is better than the catch…

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I don’t think they were made deliberately to upset people but they were made somewhat challenging. There are people out there who are called Achievement Hunters. They also go by another term but it’s not really appropriate here. The point is these challenges appeal to a particular audience. Not everyone is into or cares for completing achievements/challenges.

Side note, the challenges are the reason why I opted out of the Cosmetic DLC upgrade. I waited to buy GK and when I found out the cosmetics that you buy are not automatically unlocked, that was a deal breaker for me.

I’ve completed quite a few challenges in the game but some are next to impossible as they require a full team or are super buggy. I just don’t have the time or patience to complete the Okri’s Challenges anymore.

I know it’s nice to have cosmetics and frames but you don’t really need them. If the challenges makes you upset then you could always refund it and just get the base career.

There’s nothing wrong with getting just the base career. I didn’t buy the cosmetic upgrade for GK or ENGI because I just enjoy the amazing melee combat. I didn’t buy the game because of Fashion-tide.

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I think someone put too much salt in this thread. Not all people like salty threads, you know :stuck_out_tongue: (not aimed at OP BTW)

Although I agree with certain points, and especially the 20 headshots in a row one, I really agree with semn

I think this is appreciated by a lot of players. Many challenges were added and I didn’t see a “complete 100 games” so I appreciate it. (Almost?) all of the challenges are tailored to engineer’s kit and different builds. Gj sharks!

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The only one I do not like is the 20 “subsequent” ? headshots.
I read that as “consecutive”, which implies that missing a shot resets the counter to 0.
And this gun is not easy to headshot with considering the delay on the shot. The only safe way of headshotting is at a distance where the enemy isn’t aggroed, and this gun has trash accuracy. In closer combat, the enemies wobble around and change aggro and animations so much, I don’t see myself ever finishing this one without a LOT of frustration and salt.
I think it’d be fairer if it were “Score 20 (or more, 30 ? 40?) headshots on Elite enemies using the Masterwork Pistol during the course of one mission.”

Also, what about the “Come to Bardin” challenge ? Is the Lost Cog in the keep somewhere ?

off the top of my head:

  1. troll goes down,
  2. u run up to him,
  3. u get 20 hs,
  4. u get achie

I mean it doesn’t say “get 20 consecutive hs on that blightstormer behind the corner”… It is tough, but it’s more than doable imho.

Nurgloth or Burblespue works too.