Engineer's new challenges,is that reasonable?

PLZ tell me ,how a lone wolf player can finish the engineer’s new challenge?
I paid the money and you tell me, mission impossible? I will never get the frames!
How to fire the steam-assisted crank gun(nkII) for 50 seconds without other players help?
Is that a joke?Some tasks are too difficult for lone wolf players,Or impossible to complete.
I really like this game,but this time,I feel cheated,
I will consider paying for it next time.


Assassin event on Horn Of Magnus could work. With Innovative Ammo Hoppers.

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The one challenge I’m quite curious about is “Come to Bardin…”

It’s not impossible.
It’s called a “challenge” for a reason.


Sorry, but such lame excuses sound real bad to me.
It is an achievement, you don’t get achievements by just paying money, that’s a faulty logic.
I’m not 100% sure where I’m at with “careers behind a paywall” idea, but I think it is much, MUCH better than hiding difficulties and gamemodes…
Besides it’s just a worthless frame - why would you even care…

It’s the cog that flies of his gun in the trailer, i found it in a bucket in his room

I really approve of solo playing. I recommend experimenting with the Twitch modе and its settings. Allows you to get as many monsters, elites, specialists and supplies as you like in any convenient place.

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I agree… and I can’t understand why, under this kind of threads, there is always someone who answers with “gitgudding” reasonings.

We aren’t talking about grade of difficulty… but type of difficulty. A challange can be hard and fun or hard and unfair/frustrating/boring.

Now, returning in topic, this is a coop game so I can understand… I mean, more challenges already need a team… but there is a big difference. Most challenges that need a teamwork unlock the goal for everyone.
Instead Engineer’s challenges force you to repeat every challenge for every teammate… you have to do the same things four time. Too much boring.

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Indeed, a hero’s challenges why need help? And hit a leaping rat ogre with a bomb?You really think this is cool? Maybe you should increase the chance of the monster jumping.It not a challenge, more like buying lottery tickets.

This is a 4 player co-op game. Being a “lone wolf” doesn’t entitle you to get everything.
If you bought Back to Ubersreik do you complain that you can’t get the Cata FoW frame by yourself? If you bought Winds of Magic do you complain that you can’t get the highest weave frames by yourself?

Of course it’s a bit different when you specifically buy the “cosmetic upgrade dlc”, I get that, but I don’t understand the mentality that the average player should be able to 100% all the unlockables without help. And still, most of the challenges are doable solo with some creativity (and luck).

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I am sorry for my complaint. Because I was really wrong.About fire the steam-assisted crank gun(nkII) for 50 seconds.I just finished it by myself,it’s possible to finish only one player. But I still feel the chance of Rat Ogre’s leaping is too low.


Can confirm this does indeed work, with Ammo Hoppers.

Start the event, chug a conc pot and fire through it as the assassins spawn in and make their way to you. After the conc ends the assassins are enough to complete the challenge.

Yes, I do!
I am constantly complaining about Weaves. Because I KILLED an awful lot of time looking for players to “help” me - and such a small result in finale! Nobody wants to play Weaves. I had to actually beg for help, it’s so stupidly humiliating. It’s so stupid to wait for a “assistant” all week, then all weekend - until he plays enough his game. And as a result, he comes out after the first failure, he is bored, the team is destroyed. Or it turns out to be a bad ping. Or his mommy is calling to eat.

If there would be bots in Ranked Weaves, at least the first 40 Weaves could be made.


It is far too low and seems to be more random than actually having appropriate triggers.

In V1, you can easily get him to leap just by getting him to change aggro on you and being a few meters away.

Tried to help my friend get his bomb kill last night, after 6 screaming bell runs, we gave up. It did not matter how high/low his hp was and it did not matter how close/far away we were, he never leaped. He just kept doing that annoying slam walk over and over.

Something is obviously wrong here.


I’ve been doing them just fine without any help from other players. Some of them may seem daunting and at first they can be quite frustrating. Here’s the thing with challenges though, they’re meant to be challenging.

I remember when Grail Knight came out not to long back. I think it took me two or maybe three days to complete all of his challenges. That was boring. Some of these challenges may seem a bit grindy but there are already people who’ve completed them. Challenges, in my experience, require some planning and forethought to accomplish.

So personally, I see no issue with the current challenges. Will I complain when I have to run a mission 6 time’s to get the killing blow on BurbleSpitter HaleFatty? I sure will. Will I feel awesome after finally beating the challenge? Yes, I’ll feel purely amazing and that to me is worth it.

Agree,it’s far too low, it’s that difficult to make that a reasonable distance between player and Rat Ogre ,then Rat Ogre will leaping? It’s not like a challenge,more like a torment, you will never know when will it leaping, which direction,Throw timing.You must always defend during this process.You never have enough time to react.If you are a luky guy.,don’t waste your luck.Go buy a lottery ticket.

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I’ll give you a nice suggestion @foxdiexx

Next career that comes out, just buy the base career. I forgot to mention earlier that you can actually progress through the challenges without owning the Cosmetic DLC upgrade.

I checked my current challenges for GK and ENGI and I have some completed but cannot claim until I buy the upgrade.

This way, you can just play the game as normal and when you end up completing the challenges, you can then choose to purchase the upgrade to claim your rewards :smiley:

It will definitely be less stressful and not feel as pressured to complete them all immediately because you spent money on it.

The issue i have is luck.
No game should ever rely on RNG, everything should be 100% repeatable with no variables dependent on pure RNG. If i can complete a challenge and i attempt it with the exact same methodology i should be able to complete it again reliably.

Thats not to say director decisions are RNG those are adaptive choices not random chance. But the animations a rat ogre chooses are not reliable and are RNG based. Getting a special, elite and boss at one to kill with the crank gun and not have bots steal the kills is not something i can control and will be RNG based on bot aggression levels.

I have no issue with some challenges requiring 3rd party help but at this point the games active player base is roughly 10k players by steam spy, That’s not a lot of people and some don’t have PC’s or internet good enough for online play so when you buy a Cosmetic DLC you should be able to solo all the content you pay for without having to rely on gimmicks and luck.

True, that is also stated in the release notes :

Q: Are there challenges in the Outcast Engineer DLC?
A: Yes. There will be challenges available in the Outcast Engineer. The Outcast Engineer Cosmetic Upgrade includes extra challenges to unlock exclusive cosmetics. If you do not own the Cosmetic Upgrade your progression to complete the challenges is still accounted for. This means that if you decide to purchase the Cosmetic Upgrade later you will be able to claim your rewards for challenges that have already been completed.

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