To Devs: Yet Another Outcast Engineer Challenge Complain: Stout Heart, Steady Aim

Could you please remove “Masterwork Pistol’s alternate fire” and “without missing” in the requirements?

Or, at least make it can * keep the progress *, like the challenges like; “Do [this], [this] amount”.

Or put all the illusions/skins in the Emporium.

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Where is the challenge to shoot a monster 30 times? Especially if progress would be kept? Just do a solo Champion run on Nurgloth and you can easily get the challenge. In the first two phases he is standing in the middle without moving. So it is very easy to get 24 of the 30 hits in this. With some better strategy it might be possible to do even 30 times.


fyi this challenge is fairly easy to do if you solo enchanter’s lair on veteran or higher.

But yeah, this challenge is stupid. You can only do it consistently in very specific circumstances and that’s no fun.


Thank You! I have been struggling with this one for a long time. Gonna give it a shot.

It works on Nurgloth and he’s pretty stationary and hard to miss

Also works with Lords. Halescourge is another that is very stationary for large parts of the fight and less likely to kill your party before the end of the fight. Iirc Bodvarr body shots also count, even though his super armor abosrbs all the damage.


Since it also counts on different monsters (as long as you don’t shoot inbetween), Skittergate with the Gatekeeper, Deathrattler, and a good chance for a random monster along the way is also a great map for this challenge.

This challenge really isn’t unreasonably hard or unfair, especially since the rewards is a glowy red skin. You don’t complete it automatically by simply playing but it requires planning and a modicum of skill instead, while it is still very well doable even in a private game with bots. I honestly wish all the red skins were earnable in a similar way.


It kinda is “unreasonable” since you have to reserve all the shots for monster that might die too fast or move out of the way by stagger or bots running in front of your shots. I have been trying this challenge for at least two weeks and it’s very frustrating. You are forced to “not use” the gun game after game; 30 successive hits is a lot.
Also I believe if it was “50 hits” or “75 hits” there would still be people who argue like you, no offernse.

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I’m not claiming this challenge is easy. I fully recognise it is hard for the average Vermintide player. This is the kind of challenge you need to do in a planned and targeted way, instead of completing it accidentally / eventually by simply playing quickplays like you normally would. Reserving your gun when you decide to try and do this challenge is perfectly reasonable. The danger of missing the monster makes this challenge a challenge. I think the number of 30 shots is just right: hard but reasonable, and realistic considering your ammo count. That you need a team with a plan or enough raw player skill to solo legend with bots to earn a red illusion seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I think it’s a good thing to have these harder challenges in the game, since if they were all non-challenges that you couldn’t avoid completing if you tried the “challenges” wouldn’t mean anything.

I think it’s fair that there are some challenges that will only get completed by long time / top tier players. I’m probably in the upper single digit percentages of Vermintide players in terms of hours played and maybe also in player skill, and I sure don’t have all the challenges in this game. And that’s not a bad thing, because if anybody could easily do all the challenges, completing a hard one wouldn’t mean anything.

If this challenge was needed to unlock anything that effected gameplay, I’d agree that it was too hard. But it only unlocks a cosmetic.

“But it’s part of a DLC I paid money for.” Well, you paid money for the game as well, but you don’t get all other cosmetics for free either. And there’s plenty other cosmetics in the DLC that are unlocked with super easy “challenges” as well.

I mean no offense either, but I think we’re just on a different page about what we think a “challenge” in this game should be.


Most of the challenges with Outcast Engineer are fairly easy to do.
The hardest part about them is going through and trying to understand the poor descriptions FS has written to unlock them.

Also theyre bugged.


Well… it doesn’t feel rewarding to finally get it, since this “challenge” is more of an errand. I picked the 5-hero-power-pistol and went to Enchanter’s Lair on veteran to shoot an immovable target and it seems to be the only “reliable” way. The skin looks amazing, the experience was awful.

In my opinion the “progressive” challenges are more rewarding. You see the progress, it feels earned. There is enough RNG in this game as it is.

And some of the harder challenges ( I consider the Helmgart Cataclysm ones hard) are fun to do and feel rewarding… but then you just get a commendation chest. And the best joke is that it doesn’t count toward legendary challenge (even though it’s exactly the same).
Collecting items (like the poisoned chalices) is fun because it makes you explore and appreciate the leveldesign, and adds to lore. I enjoyed that!

Reading some of the other topics on Outcast Engineer challenges (like hitting a leaping rat-ogre with a bomb) it doesn’t add any value to the game. People are just frustrated since the stars must allign. For me freetime is somewhat limited and my friends are also bound by real life. Kinda hard to convince them to do a challenge like this when they could just enjoy the game or play another one.

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I guess we just have a difference in personal preference in what we like about challenges. I kind of like the “errand” style challenges, actually. I like how they require a plan, and are more of a test whether you have sufficient skill to do a certain thing or not. I personally dislike challenges like the one with “do X bomb kills” or “kill X elites” ones, since they boil down to nothing else than “spend time”, in the end. I completely agree with you that the Helmgart challenges are good fun, by the way - for exactly the reasons I mentioned I like this challenge, I might add - but I don’t really mind there’s only a symbolic reward of a commendation chest because doing the challenge is reward enough in itself for me. I also disagree that this challenge is RNG, because taking time and being careful when to shoot is part of the skill test for me. Your solution by doing this challenge with a white weapon on a low difficulty is pretty crafty, I must say, but maybe you also deprived yourself of some of the fun by doing it that way. I got mine (after unsuccesfully trying it a few times on the troll in Hunger in the Dark) on Legend Halescourge at my second try, and to me doing the challenge was enjoyable.

The one with the jumping Roger was pretty frustrating indeed, by the way. Mostly because getting the damn thing to jump felt super random and it was impossible to do with bots. Future challenges definitely should not future jumping Rat Ogres anymore. In the end I managed it a few times with 2 people on the Roger at the end of Screaming Bell, where one takes a class with invis like Shade or HM to trigger an aggro switch, and expirimenting with different distances.

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