To Devs: "Stout Heart, Steady Aim" - Can We Make This Challenge Easier or Something?

Currently, it is:

“Using the Masterwork Pistol’s alternate fire, shoot a Monster 30 times without missing as Outcast Engineer.”

I tired a lot, but honestly, it is too hard to do.

So, can we make it like “Using the Masterwork Pistol, kill or assist to kill a Monster 30 times as Outcast Engineer.”?

And one more, make the challenges like this for let the people who did not bought the DLC to get the rewards. And for people who bought the DLC, let them just have it.

There are maybe a few challenges which either need changes or the conditions for them have to be looked at. This one doesn’t belong to them though as it is easy enough already.

If anything they should correct the description because it works on Lords too, or just doing it for several monsters in one level works as well. Then again, correct challenge/talent descriptions is also something which should be checked for several challenges. Like the headshot one which is nowhere near the correct number.

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I don’t know if anything changed in the meanwhile, but at the Engineer’s release the description was either inaccurate or the challenge itself worked in ways not intended. Meaning that what you actually had to do was place the required number of shots in succession. However, it didn’t require the specific use of the alt fire (primary worked as well), and it didn’t require for the monster to be the same. As long as you didn’t shoot something else of a different armor class or missed a shot, you could still obtain it.

I got it on Hunger in the Dark by shooting first a stormfiend and later on the troll at the end. In the meanwhile I used my melee weapon and crank gun, but didn’t resort to the pistol for anything else.

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Skittergate is also a good map for this. With the Gatekeeper, Deathrattler, and maybe a random Monster inbetween you get enough opportunity. Just be sure to not shoot the pistol inbetween, like others have said.

I got all of Engi’s challenges, but if any of those needed change it’d be the one with the jumping Rat Ogre. That one just had me frustrated because the damn thing just plain refused to jump.

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