Outcast Engineer illusion challenge

Ok so I got back into VT with Chaos Waste and grabbed DLCs I missed (which is Grail Knight and Outcast Engineer), so sorry in advance if it has been discussed here before.

I’m planning to use Masterwork Pistol on Ranger Veteran, but not on Engineer, however, the challenge for the illusion requires me to do specific things with the Pistol ON ENGINEER.
I would have understood if the weapon had crazy interaction with Engineer passives/talents, but now I’m just confused.
Of course the game has probably much more important other issues, but I am the only one bothered by this choice ? I don’t understand why limiting the quest, you already have to pay to get the career/weapon/challenge so it’s not like you could do the challenge without owning the career or some stuff like that :confused:

Doesnt make sense to have challenges for a specific class that can be unlocked by other careers. I.E, if I’m playing Grail Knight, and I complete 100 missions to unlock the helmet, why should I get all the 100+ mission hats for krubars other 3 careers when I havent played them/completed them?

No I mean it totally makes sense for headgear, etc
I’m asking for the weapon, which is used by other careers than Engineer, and doesn’t have a specific synergy with said it. Using Ranger with Masterwork Pistol doesn’t change anything from using Engineer with Pistol.
As I said it’s not an actual problem, I don’t really mind doing it on Engineer, just wondered if it bothered anyone else

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