"An Eye for a Target" challenge is excessive (Masterwork Pistol headshots)

It was blown out of proportion. It’s ridiculous. I don’t mind long-term challenges, but this one lacks justification considering its nature and the many other challenges that Engineer has. I’ve completed almost every other challenges (by chasing them) as seen below, yet have only managed to do a fifth of that challenge in around 40 games.

There are three issues with this challenge:

  • It’s limited to Outcast Engineer, which is absurd considering the number of headshots required reprents a hefty number of games (under 100 if you tryhard - which is in line with the 100 games challenges for each career, but still isn’t ok due to the following);
  • It’s limited to one weapon and only one. Where’s my diversity? Why am I forced to stick with this pew-pew shooter that is somewhat overpowered for this many games? Just to complete a challenge that wasn’t playtested?
  • The nature of the weapon makes it so that scoring many headshots with it is very difficult. It’s an inaccurate weapon with a lot of bullet deviation.

There are multiple simple ways to fix this:

  • Allowing any non-Drakefire ranged weapon to count for the challenge (whilst remaining limited to Engineer);
  • Allowing other careers to complete this challenge using the Masterwork Pistol;
  • Reducing the numbers of headshots required;
  • A mix of the above.

Oh, and if it ships as is to console, they’re going to have it even worse.


Best way to complete this challenge is to either enable a deed with increased hordes, or twitch mode, and go into a level like Hunger in the Dark (long straight hallways) or the ending to Engines of War (at the end of the level enemies will continuously respawn). Throw on conservative shooter, and press M1. Took me around 50 mins to complete this challenge. Is it gimmicky? Slightly annoying? Yeah, but not that bad.

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