Outcast Engineer Quests are not counting!

Please fix this:

I was killing now 3 Bosses with 36 Pistol secondary fire hits without a single miss and it was not counting!

  • I cant count how many ratling gunners i killed with bombs now , from closest to farest distances, it never counted.

It is not fun anymore, it is time consuming and not giving anything but frustration

Sorry to hear it, that is frustriating.
For the 35 alt fire shots, I would recommend trying it on lords (they count), burblebee Hivscourge and nurgle are the easiest ones, as they’re fat and dont move often.

okay, thanks for the tip, the nurgle boss brought me the achievement.

I was doing over and over again FoW and tried to kill the gunners in the first round. Started it on recruit and at the 4th try it counted, finally :smiley:

Damn that were hard archievements.

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