Engi Bardin "get 500 Bomb Kills"

Playing Vermintide 2 on PC, one problem I have noticed is that the Engi quests are not giving out rewards or recording progress anymore, I cant unlock my new weapon skins or mask, and I have triple checked that I have made progress in them which is not marked, and I know for a fact I have gotten the 500 bomb kills now since my counter for that has been stuck at 419 for the past week or 2 and I even went out of my way to count them as best I could after noticing a few days ago, any help would be appreciated. I could overlook this if it was a regular challenge but its one that I actually paid for.

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are you playing weaves? some achievements do not count when you play weaves.

Yeah, my friend who’s been trying to get the rest of his engi challenges done cannot unlock anymore since fatshark fixed the 2 broken engi challenges that were counting for everyone.

He definitely has completed them as I was there helping him but the game is not counting any progress towards his challenges.

We even finally got a FKN rat ogre to leap and he killed it midair with a bomb and IT DID NOT FKN COUNT! You have no idea how horrible and how long it took us to finally achieve this for it TO NOT COUNT!

He’s sent in 2 support tickets but told me today that he has not gotten a response yet. Fatshark might be on vacation right now for the holidays.

So, basically, my friend quit playing the engineer in hopes that one day Fatshark will either respond to him or fix the challenges.

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