"Superior Technology" Engineer Challenge not counting Rattling Gunner kills

title. I killed 5 Rattlings with the gun. Yes, I counted them. None are shown in my challenge progress.

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Update again. It sometimes registers them as kills, and sometimes it does not. Not sure what the problem is, here, maybe has something to do with level 35 talent choice. I have killed 10 rattlings now (yes, I am still keeping track) with crank gun, challenge progress shows 3. It works, but I am not sure how.


Hi @Licious-D

I’ll query the challenge criteria and get back to you on this. It may not be immediate, given that it’s the weekend. I’ll update you here when I can though!


You are finishing the levels, correct? Progress doesn’t save if you’re defeated.

Yes, of course. Finished every single time.


@Licious-D chasing this up now for you - quick question please, which level 30 talent are you using?

I used “innovative ammo hoppers”. I am rather certain that the ones I did with “Gromril Plated Shot” did count.

Many thanks!

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Thanks! One more question if I may - did you get progress when playing as a client?

All my experience stems from playing as host, at least iirc.

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Appreciate the info! I’ve passed it along to our QA team to investigate.


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