"Tech, No Mage" Engineer Challenge not registering Burbledict Cumberspue kill

Title. I have already killed Leech and Blightstormer and just killed Bramblebrush Cucumberbutt with the Coghammer and it did not register the kill for the challenge.

Yes, I am 100% certain I killed him, as the kill feed showed me killing him and I was the only one alive.
Yes, I am 100% certain that I killed him with the Coghammer.

Challenge still says I did not kill him.

Update: I tried it two times before and it did not work. It just did, and I was trying to figure out what I did differently.
Then I realized: First two times, I killed him with charged attack. Third time, I killed him with light attack. Then it worked.

You might want to look into this to see if this holds merit.

I’ve done it twice now. Once with heavy attack, and once with light attack. Second time he was on one of the upper platforms when I hit him through the floor to kill. Don’t know if that has an effect. First time was heavy attack while he was in the middle of the arena. Still no achievement unfortunately.

I can testify that the first two times i killed him with charged attack, he was indeed on the upper platforms, while I killed him with light attacks while he was casting his plague ghosts, and that got me the challenge.

I finished it pre-patch with a charged attack when he was standing on a platform.

Same for me, charged attack on a platform did register. (Which probably means it’s linked to something else)

Just to pitch in, because maybe that’ll help the devs narrow it down: I have killed him when he was on the platform (hit through the floor), and it did count the kill, so it shouldn’t be the platform thingy.

Alas, I don’t remember whether the attack was light or heavy, but my vague memory leans towards heavy.

The platform he was on at the time was in this corner (if that has any bearing on anything whatsoever):

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