Stout Heart and Steady Aim

Ok but hear me out. No monster under Cataclysm has enough health to live long enough to dump 30 Master Pistol rounds into. Unless this challenge is applicable to multiple bosses in a level, applicable to lords like Butterbiscuit Hopscotch, or has a counter that carries over different missions. See Exhibit A:

I think it’s fine the challenge is here and comes with a skin reward, but in a way this talent is double-price gated from non-WoM owning players and, unless I’m wrong, I think that needs to be said.

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Cheese here
Do it on Halebale when he is talking, its gonna work. Just like nades

I did it on Halescourge Legend the legit way, because I didn’t want to shoot at him in his invulnerable phase out of fear that shots that didn’t do damage wouldn’t count. Did require teammates that didn’t attack him, however.

Other lords should work as well, and it helps to have a monster in the map so you can hit that as well before the bossfight. Just don’t use the pistol inbetween the fights and it still counts.

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As people said. The description is incomplete, it works on Lords and is most likely even needed to work on them. Because as you said, monsters outside of Cataclysm dont have enough health to get this reliably. Maybe the invulnerability phase of the troll can make it work or purposefully hitting the armor of a Stormfiend.

I did it on Nurgloth on Champion. In his downtime after casting the circles you easily get in 24 shots. The last one I needed to do in phase 3 which is a bit more tricky.

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I works on lords, and it doesn’t have to be on the same monster. You can spread the 30 bullets out on multiple monsters/lords, as long as you don’t use the gun in between.
It also works if you don’t do damage (Burblespue / Deathrattler count during their talk phase, for instance)

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I first tried it on a Troll (finale of Hunger in the Dark) by shooting it and letting it recover on Champion and Legend, but I kept missing a single shot because a random Marauder jumped in front or something. And you have to do it alone, or else the bots murder the Troll too fast. After a few tries I just gave up, until I read that bosses count as well. I’m fairly certain that this challenge was made for bosses (on Legend), not monsters. On bosses it’s hard-ish (without cheesing) but perfectly reasonable, considring the reward is a red skin.

I did it on Skittergate, with a troll spawn, the gatekeeper, and deathrattler in Legend QP without asking anyone to let me do my challenge. Definitely doable once you know the rules.

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1.) It works on Lords

2.) It works on numerous bosses in the same level.

You can always do Twitch mode on whatever difficulty you want or just do it on a Troll on Legend and let him regen health.

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That’s probably the best strategy, should’ve thought of that.

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