Slayer with Two Greathammers


The title sums my post up, but it’s a bit of a bait since it’s more convoluted than that.
Long story short: a party of two, Slayer and co., joined into my Cataclysm quickplay Into the Nest lobby and steamrolled the whole thing.

I am aware that this Slayer build received some kind of nerf and that Into the Nest is on the easier side in terms of maps.

The longer story.
To avoid unneccesary clutter just imagine that one very brazen teammate charging into the frontline alone in thirst for glory. But they don’t die and just complete the map. The co. was also more or less irrelevant in this case, but that’s beside the point. Unless I literally hold W and take all availible shortcuts, I can’t even reach the frontline. Moreover, I wasn’t even needed there, I could spectate the latter half of the game with no input and it was irrelevant.

I was treated like a child with some smug and pseudo-optimistic remarks, to which I could only reply with half-sarcastic appreciation because, well, you did a good job, fantastic.

My point here is not balance, map design or skill. I am not mad at the player nor the game, because Fatshark has all the possible data they could want to change something at this point and the Global Elite of Vermintide always want to show the size of their e-peen, it’s all understandable.

I am just in this very weird spot where Cataclysm is something I enjoy and wanted since how underwhelming Legend was, yet I am not interested to break the game in order to be optimal any higher. I am aware how it’s done and of the meta, it’s just not for me. But when the random Grail Knight made the mistake of stopping for a second to help me and never saw the frontline again neither threw me for a loop.

Two demi-gods descended and graced me with their presence, helped a random stranger complete a map on the toughest vanilla difficulty and proved their absolute mastery in this realm. I guess that’s how it feels from their eyes, all I could think is “I never asked for this”.

I know it’s a long post at this point and I guess I am venting? I just feel very conflicted, I am not going to call anything overpowered, anything too easy, I am past the point of trying to apply constructive judgement to this game and simply take it for what it is. And I do realize what it means to drag your team down, sometimes it happens with me if I try something new or just suck ass on that particular day. And it is very different to be made obsolete. I guess it haven’t happened to me in a while since nerfs to the power creep, but when it did it struck like lightning. The videogame had just been played for me instead of by me.

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I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m wondering what the point of this post is? If you’re just venting at the slayer who ruined your QP, maybe this post is better suited for the lounge or reddit rather than feedback. If there is feedback here, I feel I’m missing it.


You’re not wrong, sorry. I don’t post often, and did it here out of habit during discussing game balance a long time ago.

I guess I am trying to imply Dual Greathammer could use another balance pass, but I went in a weird and roundabout way on it since balance seems to be a very sensetive topic for people, and didn’t want to jump to conclusions myself.

It’s just been a long time since anything deleted the map in front of me and I could barely see it.

I see. Well, lots of classes can do that with the right player. I wouldn’t really say Donkey Kong (2 GHammers) is even in the top 3 Slayer builds atm. It was likely more a product of skaven being squishy and an aggressive player. I could see how you’d be frustrated though. Especially if they were acting toxic.