Elf needs a nerf

Exactly! If SOTT was supposed to be a similar power level as other elf careers she needed to have abilities that were on par with them. Not have all the strongest parts of each kit be in one career!


This topic now has 500 replies, expressing various opinions regarding the balance state of the game.

Most seem to agree that the game has been powercrept, that the overall difficulty has been going down and that the fun of the game - coming mostly from the interaction between challenging but fair (bugs apart) difficulties and a brilliant, smooth melee gameplay,- has been going down.

The overall result is some kind of disinterest in the game - I am a huge fan of it and have invested many hours into it, but lately haven’t felt like playing it because I end up not having fun. I checked the steam players data, and the numbers now are lower than what they were before the Chaos Wastes’ release : averaging below 3k players in september with a peak at 5.5k vs. an average of 3.9k with a peak at 7k in ferbuary, which was the worst month in 2021 before august. January and march had almost 10k peaks and between 4.5k and 5k averages.

I get FS’s teams are working both on Darktide and the final 2 premium careers, but the last update the game has had was 3 months ago. This suggests - and I don’t mean to say that’s actually the case, but what players can perceive,- that FS themselves are losing interest in the game. I know there have been long periods of silence on their part in the past, and I have deplored them on these fora and still do, here and now in this post.


I wouldnt say that the fun has been going away, the combat&characters&visuals + whatnot are still there, but, i am fairly sure no game holds people interested forever without new content which isnt something status updates would fix.

And even when we get new content that doesn’t mean we get balance patches which is something that does promote frustration among those who do stay, or even just watching poorly designed stuff that was pointed out as as soon as it was released but remains mostly the same.

(ʳᵉᵐᵃᵏᵉ ˢʰᵃᵈᵉ﹠ˢᵒᵗ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᵉ ᵍʳᵒᵘⁿᵈ ᵘᵖ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᶠᵃᵗˢʰᵃʳᵏ😢)

However as for the long periods of silence, i think most long timers know that´s just the usual Fatshark business and most i do not think fault them for it, they just play something else when they get bored. At least i do :sweat_smile:

…I really do wish balance patches were a tad bit more frequent though, is it too much to ask for one every 2-3 months at least?

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Wasn’t their month long vacation during this period though? Not sure I just vaguely remember it being around that time of year. I’m which case it’d be 2 work months with no updates or communication, which is honestly perfectly normal for them, I don’t think it says much of anything, even if they were at work the full 3 months. I’d say regardless we ought not expect much beyond the remaining premium careers. At this point if we also got one last balance pass and maybe some work on deeds I’d say we’d be doing pretty well all in all. I guess time will tell, at this point I’m certainly not expecting much to happen other than premium careers until they’re all out. Shame though since a few things could definitely use a look at sooner rather than later. Like bloodshot applying to WS ult for example has got to be a bug right?


Well apart from the fact that they gave up on their game’s community you mean.

After all the hype and talks about Th3 0tH3r T34m of devs I kinda want my Versus now? Call it morbid curiosity.

I mean interpret it how you like, but it’s been very common for them to be silent for these lengths of time over the entire life of the game. I just meant it’s not much of a pattern to interpret.

TBH I just forgot about that entirely. Yeah they should really deliver on that one. I imagine it could still be pretty popular.

They were doing a little better with the Dev Blogs, but then they turned them all in to Lohner’s Chronicles

Touting my own horn here, but :

Devblogs are nice and all but its just words that easily come undone by means of delays or problems in realizing them (Versus mode for one, mentioned by others) and so when they cant deliver they might as well keep quiet or stick to minor stuff like lohners journal.

And to their credit, good use of the whole journal thing does actually does do them a favor…Its just not great that the “cant deliver” periods last so dang long and when something does come it often has missed the mark quite a few times : (

“SoT is a support class” <.<

I think what’s the weirdest bit of the whole thing is that there’s long periods of silence followed by something that feels smashed out the door too fast and has tons of bugs and completely imbalanced. The two things don’t seem to add up - either a long wait as something is polished or short gaps with buggy releases, when it feels like we get the worst of both worlds sometimes.

Nerf elf.


Yeah this is the things that’s bothering me as well. If you are going to put out new content then for the love of holy make sure the content is at least adequately tested and polished. None of us want’s to see a other SoTT pushed out.

I’m fine if the game gets those bigger content updates something like every 6 months or more if its polished on release so we don’t have to wait for balance changes that happen maybe once in a year at this state. But honestly I would be perfectly fine for nearly yearly massive content updates if it meant that more smaller updates/content were pushed out more regularly.

I don’t need to see other a chaos wastes type of mode implemented next year(weaves are pretty much dead already due to lack of updating it), rather I’d be totally content if say every 3 months we got more modifiers, or slight map tweaks to the chaos wastes game mode. Random new enemy type could be massively refreshing and even just a single map now and then is massive for re-playability.

This game does not need anything massive to make it feel fresh and interesting again. Even just small balance updates now and then are enough for most to try the game again.


Random thought I had today: What if Moonbow was changed to have no stagger at all?

This would make it quite a bit weaker using it at point blank range to nuke stacked up hordes and also weaker at killing things like Ratling Guns and Warpfire throwers since you’d have to wait for the DoT to accrue and kill them rather than instantly interrupting them.

It’d make logical sense to not stagger since the weapon is primarily a DoT burn effect and plenty of other fire DoTs don’t stagger. It’d also differentiate it a bit more from Hagbane, since right now it’s basically a non-spammable hagbane that also dumpsters Chaos Warriors.


You do already have to wait for them to die, don’t you ?

Not really though…

The idea is not bad though, it would give some more identity to moonbow from hagbane while being a slight nerf to it.

Right now it immediately staggers them so you shoot a ratling gunner once and you’ve ended the threat since they won’t fire again before the DoT kills them. If the stagger was removed then they’d keep firing at you for a few seconds which would be a lot more dangerous. Or you’d have to shoot twice, which is a significant cost to the Moonbow.

4 headshots or 5 bodyshots w/ barrage kills cata CWs. 3 Headshots leaves them weak enough that a single melee attack will probably kill them. Waywatcher with Blood Shot murders CWs pretty damn quickly when they are fighting amongst a horde (which is obviously the most important time to be able to murder CWs). Effectively you’ll be killing CWs in two shots since they are double shots.

By comparison Longbow takes ~7 headshots and does nothing with body shots, along with being much slower to fire. And as always taking longbow means you aren’t taking loaded bow on waywatcher which means you’re missing out on a +33% damage buff to your ult, and on other classes you aren’t taking barrage since you need conservative shooter.

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