The short bow and the inifinite ammo

Ok this one is feedback for sure.

Anyone play a game, having fun, then a elf joins with 100/100 and then just spams the shortbow the entire game?

Worse bit is, they rush off. Take every kill big or small. To top it all off when there rushing off ahead of the team who want to take there time, they can just F, get all there ammo back and repeat.

I end up kicking those type of players, just so the game has a proper flow and not just “oh, this is fun…”

Im sure i cant be alone in this sentiment. These type of players ruin the experience for those running with them. Simple soloution? Either alter the Talant that gives the replenishment of ammo to something else (increase crit chance mb?) or alter it so the short bow can only replinish ammo at spawnable ammo stacks like everyone else.

I just hate being the guy that has to remove a player because of the “meta” strat. it just ruins the gameplay experience when one joins.

Proobebly the only one who minds this behaviour, but its the Players attitude, just rushing off killing everything, and repeating, so its now just a Kick so the game can be enjoyed again.



Honestly, it sounds like you wish you had her skill with a ranged weapon. And her wit. And her looks, I’m sure.


Sounds to me like it’s time for you to increase the difficulty you play vermintide on.


The funny thing here is that swift bow just isn’t really very good. Also deleting infantry is kind of its job, if the swift bow elf is beating everyone to most of the armour and special kills as well then I think the rest of the team really needs to look a little more inwards when questioning the situation.

As pointed out by others this kind of situation is much less of an issue as you go up difficulties. Of course you may play on Legend and not own WoM, in which case there’s not a lot you can do other than find a group of people who play how you like, or learn to outplay an Elf using a not at all optimal setup.

Not trying to write off the fact that some weapons just perform very well at lower difficulties while being ok at best on higher difficulties. That’s a very hard balancing act though and I have no idea what the solution could be. WS could use to have her ammo regen toned down a bit for sure but it’s not like she’s at all unique in that position. Grungni’s cunning Grudge Raker RV says hi. Also WS honestly doesn’t have a huge amount going for her outside of ammo regen and the hagbane, so I’m inclined to think it’s just fine as is honestly. Not saying she’s bad, she’s just nowhere near being first in line for nerfs.


Thanks for warning me to not join your team when I play with the elf and you guys kick me.

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Well, like game wasn’t about running and killing. If you have issues that somebody is performing better than you, because you like to be slowpoke who wander whole map and need to talk about tactics before every encounter, then don’t blame others for that! I personally don’t play elf, and I havne’t seen elfs much on higher difficulties, so as others advised - move on to higher diffs. TBH you should just put your lobby private, so players (doesn’t matter if elf or other char players) who join and do game objective won’t be kicked, because they “don’t play like you want”. If you want everyone to have fun in your way, then find full party for that or write a book where everything can proceed as you want. :slight_smile:


Complaining about swiftbow when hagbane exists :rofl:


For real though, it sounds like you ought to start moving to higher difficulties because swiftbow does not do what you describe anywhere but on champ or below. And even then there are things that compete.

For instance, a maxed grail knight can oneshot a lord on champion, possibly even on legend, and he can build so much movespeed the elf will probably never even see him again once he takes off.

Goes doubly so for a movespeed zealot-


I don’t really understand the recommendation of some here to the OP to increase the difficulty. As far as I understand @Killerz34, it’s not him/her playing the (yet very common) solo adventure W-lock game. This kind of player can be found on any difficulty level. So unfortunately only the private lobby helps. It should actually be the other way around, because if you are obviously not interested in working with the 3 other players, then you can also play solo with bots. These comments here “that you should not/can not impose your way of playing on others” are just as nonsensical and merely provocative, since they apply just as much to the elf player addressed here, who does nothing else with his/her behavior.

Anyway, you can not really change people, look for a team with which you get along @Killerz34 or make the games private, bots are usually the frustration-free alternative anyway.

The problem here is that OP specifically states themselves taking issue with swiftbow waystalkers somehow outrunning everyone and killing everything before the rest of the team can get in on the action.It´s not a matter of a W-lock at this point, its a matter of the above situation not even being possible on higher difficulties unless the rest of the team is deliberately being extremely slow and lazy.

Of course moving to a higher difficulty would just swap the swiftbow stalker for a hagbane stalker or more likely a grail knight/zealot/bw doing it instead and indeed, he´d have to play solo or with premades to avoid it entirely.

Because it is indeed part of QP culture that someone is eager for fun, or more than one even.

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In my experience just leaving those types of players alone for good minute or two guarantees that they hit the floor and pretty much rage quit the lobby.


Have a friend who plays that way. I don’t mind it, in fact we synergize great since I like playing IB and FK so I play the bodyguard for them and we kickass together.

I don’t think Swift Bow is even meta. Sometimes players just want to have a machine gun in a game of Hack 'n Slash. Just look at Outcast Engineer.

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Nah swiftbow is fine on cata. A lot of people in this thread seem to think SB is bad on higher difficulties and while its certainly not IMBA, its competitive, being able to snapfire specials is pretty insane, and the high ammo capacity makes sure you always have an out when dealing with tough situations, it suffers a little against armor but its fine, I typically run it in higher difficulty games (cata- cata+) but im also not just spamming it mindlessly, occasionally i’ll swap to LB based on content but mreh, SB is very good.

Not being able to clear everything in the manner OP describes and still being fine or even good on cata are not mutually exclusive : P

I can and have run swiftbow too, just need to pair it with a weapon that handles armor and it´s a perfectly good choice. But i do not gun down hordes that got armor or sufficient beef with ease(or at all) even then.

Boss damage is also leaning much closer to bad than good IMO.


true, but so many careers excel in that right now its typically a non-issue.

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No they arent, lol. This OP is baby raging over a such a minute thing.

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Sounds like you kick players that don’t cater to your way of playing. That’s not a positive approach to things.

It’s not good to demand others play the way you want them to play. If you want to play a certain way, then get a group of buds together that are fine doing it the same way. To go into Quickplay and make demands of people with threat to kick them though is toxic. It’s one thing to be like “Hey please don’t pull that patrol” and then they pull it and wipe the team. It’s another if they’re just doing a good job at murdering everything that moves.

As others have stated, higher difficulties also reduce the capability of holding W through a map.

Yea, you get all sorts of people when you do Quickplay. Part of the experience. That’s why you just roll the dice and roll with what you get. Might even learn a thing or two.


Unpredictability of teammates is actually my favorite part of solo quickplay

I’ve laughed harder at the strange moments that can occur with 3 randoms than playing with my friends